Monday, March 23, 2015

Healthy Breakfast with Kellogg's Corn Flakes

I always admire Guptaji’s family. Everyday morning, they wake up at 4.00 AM, play Badminton with family and have breakfast together in the garden. I always admire their family members for their fitness. All were slim, fit and active. Whenever Gupta goes for shopping, she never forgets to buy Kellogg's corn flakes.
I am a typical software Engineer who works till late night and hence end up getting very late in the morning. My cab is at 9.40, but I am smart enough to sleep till 9.00 and get ready in 40 minutes to catch the cab. Hence I always end up missing the breakfast. My parents always says, skipping breakfast would result in major health effects. Hence with love she packs idly in the box and request to have it in Cab. But somehow, I feel shy to have idly in cab. My fellow co-workers would tease me.
One day my mother was complaining about this to Gupta Ji aunty. Then she suggested to give Kellogg's Corn flakes. This is just like snacks and eating in cab would not embarrass your daughter. But my mother is a typical south Indian who believes idly and sambar is the healthy Item and rest all foods are junk.
Then Gupta Ji explained about the nutrients and vitamins that Kellogg's contains. She also explained about the benefits of each vitamins and my mother started to dream about consuming all Vitamins like A, D, B12, B6 for breakfast. She was double happy. My mother now believed Kellogg's corn flake is the healthiest food in the world since it contains all the vitamins and nutrients.
Next day my mother brought 5 packets of Kellogg's in all different flavours like honey, chocolate, Mini-wheat’s and so on. It helped a lot for my rush morning. I was comfortable in having it in cab. Skipping breakfast never happened in my life again. I was not bored for having Kellogg's every day morning, since it comes in different flavours.
Image Source - #KelloggsWaleGuptaji

But one fine Sunday, I happened to visit Guptaji’s house. A sweet smell attracted me to kitchen. There I was saw her creativity in the breakfast. With just Kellogg's corn flake, she made a fantastic dish. All I knew was Kellogg's Corn flakes is to be ate only with milk. Sometimes, I add Almond and pista to it. But what I saw in Guptaji’s making was completely different. In Cornflakes she mixed apples, cinnamon in cold milk and served me. She in fact named the dish as Cornflakes Apple Cinnamon.

I was so excited to hear that she prepares many innovative items like this. To name a few, walnut cornflakes choco balls, Grapes cornflakes and much more. One evening, she gave me laddu. I ate that and asked was it prasad from any temple. Usually the laddus offered in temples tastes awesome. Gupta Ji replied that she made it with crushed cornflakes. I put the question other way round. Tell me one dish that you don’t prepare with cornflakes. She smiled and left the place. I am a die-hard fan of #KelloggsWaleGuptaji innovative corn flakes dishes.


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