Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Digital India

Intel supports the Digital India Vision

Intel supports the Digital India Vision and is committed towards our government's vision of a Digital India In order to foster the digital literacy among all the people Intel has developed mobile applications and offers training in five Indian languages.

What is #DigitalIndia and what are its vision? Here is a snapshot

Soruce - Google (Screenshot from digital India PPT)
Here is my future insight about #DigitalIndia

Automated Toll Road system:

Frustrated of paying at every toll booths?. In order to avoid this, Transit Ticket card can be issued (just like our Debit card) where we can load the card with money and once we enter a toll, the details of the time and distance will be recorded. When a person exit a toll, the amount will be calculated and deducted based on the distance between the start and destination toll.


  1. Less waiting time
  2. No tension of accurate change

Digital Transportation:
Olden day Google Maps

At Present... 

Olden days, we relay on people for address. These days Google map. And in future, Interactive map system which will suggest road condition, traffic situation etc will be implemented. Traffic cameras will be installed along all the roads which will send live data about the road condition, temporary closures, one way.

Studies and Work:
Current Situation
Right now, 50% of the students aspire to study aboard and all techies, doctors dream to work aboard. Why? Is it right? Lets not get into the debate right now.

Future – Foreigners aspire to study and work in India
If Modi’s dream becomes true, foreigners will dream to study in India. They might even have to crack exams like TOEFL in order to get admissions in India. And our generations, will not long to go abroad.

Agriculture will flourish:
Farmers will install Commodity Price app in their smartphone and will research about the item before cultivating. Forums for agriculture will be easily accessible to framers which will help them to get their doubts clarified in less time and with no cost.

Well, what about the employment opportunity then? If everything is digitized, wont it slave the employment opportunity?Of course, now we are at the stage of technological evolution. Humans will be replaced with hardware/Software that does the work 100 times faster, smarter and perfect. And Humans? They would take over inventing new tools or enhance their knowledge in upgrading those software/Hardware. At the end, we would live a lighter life on the universe. 


  1. Lighter life with heavy diseasss :P ...

    Toll gates : Why automated toll gates? Shut all the toll gates why we shud pay the private money swallowing crocs rather we paying road tax separately ...These toll gates get back their invested tender amount with great profits within a year but they sucking our money for many years .... A licensed robbery is toll gates...

    Greater comedy will agriculture flourish if given the commodity app. The commodity which is a worst thing. The farmers are worried of rain water urea good seeds agri labors correct market price more and more to worry to give food for us but these govts will one side destroy all the natural resources and in other talk about development ....

    First people shud respect the farmers does any idiots ready to give their daughter or son to a farmer family or to a farmer ... all looking only for white collars .

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