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Kapil Dev's Ek Nayi League

Kapil Dev's Ek Nayi League

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Kapil Dev – the remarkable legend of Indian cricket and India's first-ever World Cup winning captain; He is one of the all-rounders that people would remember till date and is an inspiration to many people. India reached the pinnacle of 1983 ICC Cricket World Cup only due to his great caption ship and his exhorts to his team mates.

Over the years there were many youngsters and amazing cricketers who are extra ordinarily brilliant like Sachin - the God of Cricket who is known for his success along with his character and discipline and MS Dhoni - who is known for his right decisions, leadership and captaincy. But these legends are trademark of these generations and in the late 70's Kapil was one of the fast splendid bowlers and he was at the peak. Hence, I believe Kapil is the God father to all and he was the hall mark of success in late 70’s and early 80’s. When I was a kid, before I was introduced to the word "Cricket" I was introduced to the word "Kapil" 

These days there are numerous training's available for all sports. But in those days, where training are restricted, achieving would require a great deal. The Success stories of Sachin or Dhoni or any other Cricket players are available in Internet in the form of interviews, analysis, autobiographies. Unfortunately, Kapil Dev interview's are not available in Internet. He is not in social media websites too.

If I would ever get a chance to explore more about a person or offered to have an opportunity to have a coffee with a personality it would be “Kapil Dev”. His experience would definitely be a guide to all the youngsters like me. His success mantra would definitely be helpful for me in order to grow both professionally and personally. Moreover, his success strategy would be helpful even today and for all the players around the world.

Hence I yearn for Kapil presence in social media and my wish was fulfilled when I saw the IBN news today. Yes, I came to know that Kapil Dev has joined Twitter. Thank you so much Kapil for your decision and your presence is much needed for Twitter.

His official twitter id is -  @therealkapildev

Curious to know, what was his first tweet? Login to Twitter and find it :P

I have another interesting thing for my friends and readers. Watch all the videos embedded in the this post and share your views or thoughts about #EkNayiLeague. You have a chance to win Rs.1 Lakh! Yes, submit your innovative answer on and grab Rs.1 Lakh!

Here are my thoughts about #EkNayiLeague:

Image Source - EK Nayi League
It could be something like VLOG, where Kapil would post his videos about his opinion on the current affairs and would send his messages, wishes through video to all the celebrities he wishes to convey. For example in the video “The message to Sania video” Kapil says, "Saniya is very good and playing from heart". In another video he appreciates Yuvraj. In one of his tweets, he congratulates our P.M Narendra Modi for his contribution towards Nepal.

This is an excellent initiative where his followers who hates reading, would be conveyed with video. This would also be an encouraging factor to all the celebrities.

To know more about #EkNayiLeague watch the below videos about EK Nayi League

Kapil Dev's message for Dhoni:

Kapil Dev's message for Sania Mirza:

Kapil Dev's message for Yuvraj Singh:

Reading the interview of successful people like him and others would definitely mold us better. Thank you again Kapil for such an initiative. Early waiting to know more about EK Nayi League

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