Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baggout - Fashion Shopping App

Baggout - Fashion Shopping App

How nice it would be, if a person or stylish keeps on recommending us the clothes and accessories based on our body type, skin color and style? Seems tempting and interesting right? But in reality it’s not possible to keep a personal stylist due to the cost they quote. But Baggout does that for us. Recently, Baggout has come up with a user-friendly fashion Shopping App. Just by answering three question, you get a personalized recommendations daily.
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Innovative questions...

Love those pictures

Just 3 question, your stylist is ready :P 

My suggestions are getting loaded... 


Love that skip functionality... 

Cant miss this lovely handbag... 

I often hear complaints from my friends that Shopping apps occupy most of their mobile memory. Most of my friends have Flipkart, snap deal, craftsvilla, amazon apps.. on their mobile. How good it would be if all the mobiles apps are at one place? It not only save the phone memory but it saves the time as well.
I need this cutie... 
My mobile has just 512 RAM and when I installed Flipkart app on my mobile, my mobile started to hang often. I could not immediately migrate to 1 GB RAM due to the budget constraints. I had no other option than uninstalling the app. When I came across baggout where it provides all favorite apps in one place, I was little concern about occupying my memory.  To my surprise, after the baggout app install, my phone did not hang at all. it works smooth like butter. 50 Rupees got credited to my account.

Yes, with every new install you get 50 rupees cash back. Below are the few things I like about the Baggout Shopping App

  •  Exclusive Deals:
Sometimes, due to our busy schedule we will not be available in front of system for 24*7. Some exclusive deals launched by paytm or flipkart will be available only for 2 hours or so. Sometime, as soon as the deal is on, the product will be sold out immediately. This app would rectify all those concerns.
  • User friendly:
The success of app depends on how user-friendly the app is. No wonder, the Baggout app is very user-friendly.
  • Good Reviews:
It has a good rating of 4.5

Baggout - Fashion Shopping App - It’s an exclusive shopping destination!!!

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