Thursday, October 8, 2015

LG Nexus 5X The all around Champ

Gone are the days where people wait for new Iphone release and upgrade to the latest. With the Google Nexus smartphone, people have become addicted to the Nexus family. As per my knowledge, it could be because of the below 2 reasons.
  1. Price is affordable and it does not put us in loss during the upgrade.
  2. There is a drastic variation in between the older and newer release of LG Google Nexus. 

Still my love for LG Google Nexus 5 has not yet reduced, but after hearing the news and features about LG Google Nexus 5X, I could not stop myself from falling in love with LG Google Nexus 5X.
Internet access, touchscreen, crazy application, advanced operating system, Video calling, and good MP camers's are the features any smart phone would provide. LG Google Nexus 5X is yet another smart phone that would provide the same feature. If that was your assertion, hold on and please read the below.

Below are the 3 reasons to reinvent my smart phone experience with Google Nexus 5X:D

How do you feel when you look at the Luxurious BWM, Audi, Rolls-Royce cars? An Elegant, stylish and classic look. Isn’t it? The same feel I got when I looked at the pictures of LG Google Nexus 5X

Camera: Of course, I am a Selfie Girl:
Selfies and Panoramic are outdated. Panoramic selfies is the latest trend. This phone comes with 5-megapixel front-facing camera. This camear takes splendid photos under any light. What’s next? Upload the pictures in Facebook!? Again it’s old-fashioned.

Good battery backups, a week-up back up are the old news. Quick Charging is the latest news. Yes, no more taking nap while charging is required. Because LG NEXUS 5X  comes with reversible USB Type-C charger. It charges at lightning speed!!! thundering... sorry lightening speed. I am stressing on the word lightening, since the light travels faster than sound. Hence its charges

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