Thursday, December 18, 2014


“Which is the most wonderful city to work?” Amitabh Bachchan triggered a question in the "Kaun Banega Crorepati" game show.
"Melbourne”, without second thought I gave him the answer for the prize money of Rs.10,000
“Computer-ji, lock kiya” Amitabh Ji said and gave me a puzzled look.

Sitting in the hot seat made me nervous but not this time. I am sure Melbourne is the answer and waited for him to applaud.
Melbourne... It’s the right answer” Amitabh Ji said with a big smile.

Before going to the next question I interrupted him.
“Sir, Most of your movies are shot in Australia. Could you please share me your experience? Why people say it’s an amazing place to live and work?”
 “I sign a movie even before hearing the story, if it is about to shot in Australia” Amitabh Ji said and laughed. The audience too laughed.
Amitabh Ji continued, “I have been to almost all the places in the world. But I always feel my heart and soul enlightened when I visit Melboure. Most of my movie scenes are shot in the charming beaches of Melbourne. The movie crew wait for the eye-catching sunrise and sunset and capture it with extravaganza views of the harbor and gorgeous pothole. We never miss water sports and bird watching.
My songs are shot in The Butchart Gardens and Butterfly Gardens. The Butchart Gardens is around 55 acres surrounded by immeasurable tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. It’s a breathtaking experience to both eyes and nose to sense different fragrances and colors. The soul gets rejuvenated with flamingos, rare tropical birds. A millions of butterflies will be flying around you. Keep dreaming about butterflies flying around you, we will go for a shot commercial break in Kaun Banega Crorepati sponsored by Tourism Victoria."

The ad resumed, “Cosmopolitan, elegant and chic, Melbourne has a passionate soul and a welcoming heart. From thrilling world class events and renowned architecture, to cafĂ©-lined streetscapes and verdant parklands, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in Melbourne.” 

The ad got over and the program resumed.
“What is the one thing you admire about Melbourne?” I asked
Amitabh Ji said, “Craigdarroch Castle Historic House Museum. By climbing 87 steps up the grand oak staircase, you can reach the Tower to get the arresting views of Victoria. It is a stunning example of Victorian architecture including exquisite stained-glass windows, woodwork and period antiques. I love to roam around the narrow passageway between buildings and shop in the art galleries watch movies in indie theatre”
"Sir, I had a lot about Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne. Have you tired it sir?"
“I never miss it when I go on a family trip. My wife Jaya and my children Abhishek and Shweta adore it a lot. Balloon flights depart very early in the morning so that you get the calm morning air and the beauty of the city. As the sun rise, one can enjoy a bird’s eye view of regional attractions like Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Rod Laver Arena, Flemington Raceway, Albert Park Race track. Have you been to Melbourne?”
“No Sir. If I win this show, definitely I will take my parents to Melbourne” I blushed.
“Good, Good, Don’t miss Whale Watching. It’s a thrill of a lifetime. Try safe marine adventure. It’s electrifying, very safe, and comfortable. Don’t forget to watch at-least one match in Melbourne cricket stadium. I heard about Victoria Hippo Tours from my son recently. Its Victoria’s new attraction which hits the road as well as the water. It is the Bus That Floats, offering you a land-and-sea tour in one destination. It travels around Victoria before splashing into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and heads into the Inner Harbour! You’ll experience the city like never before on these fully narrated 90 minute city tours. Don’t miss the Hippos tour it’s a City Tour with a Splash!
“Sure sir. I will make a note of it. Any place you desire to visit again in Melbourne?
“Yes. It’s a kind of Desire. I have seen movies in IMAX Victoria. The high resolution and its image clarity are spectacular. Powerful sound, gigantic screen are the magic of IMAX. It’s the most technically advanced theatre with visually stunning facts. My movie or at-least my son’s or daughter in law Aishwarya’s movie has to be screened once.  It’s the most immersive movie experience one can get in the world”
Dringgggggggg!!! The bell rang.
Amitabh Ji saw the time, It was 10. PM and the show has come to an end for the day. “We forgot the time discussing about Melbourne. Stay Tuned to discuss whether Ms.Deepika wins the show and take their family to Melbourne. Until then it’s Amitabh Signing off. Take care. Good Night”

Next day!!
9. P.M
“Hello Viewers, Welcome back to “Kaun Banega Crorepati" sponsored by Tourism Victoria” Amitabh cheered with warm welcome and asked me, “Deepika, All set to steal the show?”
“Yes sir, after the discussion about Melbourne yesterday I searched lot of information in google about Melbourne. I had fallen in love with Melbourne. I wish to watch thousands of Little Penguins make their way to shore every night in the Phillip Island. I also learned that Grey Nurse, Whale Sharks can be seen in Aquarium and 320 species like meerkats and orang-utans are in Zoo. Shark Dive Xtreme experience which is 30 minute underwater encounter at Melbourne Aquarium is a must that one should try. Now my aspiration to win the show has increased.”

Amitabh laughed and said, “All the best Deepika Ji. I wish you to win a crore and take your family for Melbourne trip” and started asking the question.

My mind was around Eureka Skydeck watching the awe inspiring view of Melboure.

The above post is purely fictional and is written as a part of Melboure contest(What's your reason for falling in love with Melbourne, the most livable city in the world) organized by Indiblogger.

Contest Details!

For all my readers there is a contest, winners will get some exciting goodies from Tourism Victoria. All you need to do is tell me, if you were to  Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why.

Leave your answer in the comment section below. The contest closes on 5th January 2015 and winners will be given Rs.500 gift Voucher. :)

Contest Winner

Thanks a lot for participating in the contest and taking your time to post your valuable comments. If given a chance, I would declare everyone who took effort to post the comment.
However, I am supposed to choose only one!!! Please note, I had eliminated the comments that were copy paste.

And the winner is,




Ramya Thangaprakash.  You will be receiving Rs.500 gift Voucher from Indiblogger soon.


  1. i only know abut the MCC cricket ground there

  2. I have never been to melbourne.....but yes....would love to watch a cricket match in the famous MCG- MELBOURNE CRICKET GROUND stadium.....
    Have seen many matches on tv....
    Its a huge stadium.....terrific atmosphere.....
    Eden gardens in kolkota, mcg in melbourne and Lords in england are considered the greatest cricket stadums...

  3. Melbourne is a sports has a formula once track! Dey host the swimming championship every year.. and the weather is rly good!

  4. abroad entha oorulanum pidikum
    thats it..i dont have any particular idea abt melbourne

  5. I would like to visit The Twelve Apostles!
    With a touch of nature's divinity of colour-changing sand rocks, the far stretch of blue of the ocean touching the blue of skies, I would love to experience the nature's celebration there absolutely, completely and in totality!

  6. ada chumma pidikum, no reason

  7. Hi!
    We know beauty never need words but without words it cannot be explained and when you get wordless after seeing it... your mouth still get open wide and WOW comes out. Dear! Your explanation about Melbourne is wonderful and picturesque description. I am a person who always attracted to nature first of any place so I would love to see the Melbourne Nature & Wildlife. The 12 Apostles rock formations is world famous rocks which changes its color in sunrise and sun set. And then I will see the Phillip Island Nature Park where I want to see the animals which I hardly see in India. I never saw Penguins, Koala and other animals.
    Driving on a smooth road with natural beauty around you, it always gives you a feeling of heaven on Earth. I would love to drive on Great Ocean Road which is also famous in world to give you a scenic experience and the pleasure of that driving is amazing.


  8. Wonderful post and interesting videos that make me feel that
    Melbourne invites the eternal romantic in me to hold hands with my beloved and go see the Twelve Apostles .Go on long drives on the great ocean road. In the middle of nowhere in a vineyard spread a table and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine with my dear one. Enjoy the sunsets holding hands and do lots of shopping at the Queen Victoria Market and see all the graffiti being created at the hosier lane.
    Great Post and interesting videos watching them I am sure to visit Sovereign Hill for spending some time in the era gone by. The lure of gold and panning for some nuggets is a temptation that is too much to resist. After I have found the gold I am bound to celebrate it with some wine so I will visit the vineyards and enjoy some great wine from the Yarra region .Visit the Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory and have my fill with this yummy delight.

    1. Thanks for your submission..I too agree.. Melbourne is the best place for long drives on Ocean

  9. MCG, the Australian mecca for cricket lovers. I would definitely like to be in Australia when either Indian team or the English team happens to be on tour, the nest time. Will be a memorable experience to watch the rivalry unfold right in front of my eyes, sitting right in the middle of MCG.

    - Ranjith (

    1. Thanks Ranjith for your submission...I am not a cricket freak,,yet love to watch a match at MCG

  10. What a lovely Post! After reading your post and watching all the videos, I feel I am witnessing a kaleidoscope called Melbourne! To answer your question, I'd love to go to the Queen Victoria Market, operating since 1878, to watch the locals sell fresh fruits and vegetables in such a vibrant environment :)

    1. Thanks Canary for your submission.. I was surprised too when I heard about Queen Victoria Market that was functioning since 1878

  11. Great Post :)
    I would like to visit MCG and witness an Ashes Test while gulping down a Beer & singing the iconic chant "Aussie...Aussie...Aussies...Oye...Oye...Oye !

  12. Wow, what a post.. :)
    For the contest: Yarra Valley Wineyard of course. Since 1992 Yarra winery tours are being organized in a professional way. Loads of wine tastings and the best food. The winery makes you fall in love with the beautiful way of stacking the wine bottles. I would want to visit this because of my love for old wine and also because the best of the wine is served here. The whole of Melbourne has adorable places but this one would surely attract me more than once in my visit and after seeing Tanmay and Rohans visit I am eager to go there soon…. :)

    1. Very True Uttpal, Melbourne has lot of adorable places.. Thanks for your participation

  13. First and foremost reason, I love Melbourne for its Culture. Love to experience the hot air ballooning over Melbourne at sunrise which is offered by the Melbourne's most experienced hot air balloon ride team.I am a coffee lover and its the symbol of love. The first espresso machine was established in Melbourne and love those Grinders Coffee store on Lygon Street.
    Third, Luna Park's terrific temptations. I would love to take my kids there. They will go crazy on seeing the St Kilda's big clown mouth.
    Though I am not a cricekt freak, would love to watch a match in MCG, the 11th-largest stadium in the world.
    Queen Victoria Market which was operating since 1878 its an interesting history. would love to explore the place. Would love to enjoy the awe inspiring views from Eureka Sykdeck which is the highest public vanatage point at 285 meters
    Finally, Melborune is know as one of the World's great street art capitals for its unique expressions of art. Melbourne itself is a package of exhilarating thrill and mesmerizing memories.
    I love Melbourne♥ ❣ ❤ ❥♥ ❣ ❤ ❥♥ ❣ ❤ ❥

  14. Amazing Post! Great articulation!

    All the best for the contest!
    I would love to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the MCG. It had been a host to many legendary matches and I for one would like to visit one of them. The World Cup is so near and it is so dear to me and I want to witness the World Cup Finals that is going to happen at the MCG!

    And how can I forget the Great Otway National Park, because I love watching animals. I would love to take a city tour by travelling on the Tram's of Melbourne. By travelling in tram's I want to explore every nook & corner of Melbourne. Besides this I would love to watch the amazing architectures of Melbourne like Eureka Tower, Royal Exhibition Building, etc. And without enjoying festivals, my journey would be incomplete so I will celebrate Australian Festivals.

    - Wanderer

    Blog Name: Meandering through twilight -

    Melbourne Post:

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