Tuesday, June 6, 2023

From Baby Bump to Bonus Belly

Throughout my pregnancy, I joyfully embraced the extra weight, knowing it was necessary to nourish my growing baby. After my little one arrived, I continued to prioritize breastfeeding, not paying much attention to my own weight gain. However, as my child approached 2.6 years old and weaning stopped, I realized it was time to focus on my own well-being. On Jan 2022, I was 68.8 Kgs and I determined to shed the extra pounds. 

High on Success: With sheer determination, I dedicated three months to transforming my body. Embracing a healthy lifestyle, I incorporated regular exercise and made mindful choices about my diet. 

The results were remarkable as the numbers on the scale steadily decreased.
All those months chasing after gym and healthy food have paid off. Even the models are jealous of my sleek figure now! 

I felt confident, my energy levels soared, and I even noticed a radiant glow on my skin. It seemed like I got an unstoppable force and can never regain those extra pounds. However, life had a different plan in store for me.

The Unexpected Setback:
Life became more hectic, I found myself caught in a whirlwind of stress, and emotional upheaval. Unknowingly, I slipped into a state of depression and turned to food for comfort. The healthy habits I had cultivated were slowly replaced by mindless eating and neglecting exercise. 

In an attempt to distract my mind, I  resumed my travels, only to find myself falling into the tempting of unhealthy food once more. 

Just like my boyfriend who couldn't resist my irresistible charm and came crawling back after a few months my weight has boomeranged right back to 68, and those sneaky scale numbers can't resist increasing 0.10 grams every single day. It's as if my weight missed me so much, now it's determined to make up for lost time!

The Agonizing Heel Pain:
To make matters worse, my body began to rebel against the weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle choices. I started experiencing excruciating pain in my heels, especially in the mornings when I first stepped out of bed. It felt like sharp, stabbing sensations that made each step a torment. It didn't take long to discover that I was suffering from plantar fasciitis, a condition I had never encountered before.

My dress has joined the "tight and uncomfortable" fashion trend once again. And let's not forget the unexpected arrival of back pain. With this extra weight around my stomach, it feels like I've become a human mountain range! Forget about hiking trips—I've got my own built-in landscape right here.

Through this painful experience, I have come to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond just reaching a specific weight goal. 

No matter how hard I try to shed those extra pounds, it feels like my emotional eating game is on a winning streak. And just when I think I've conquered the cravings, my relatives swoop in with an array of sweets and snacks. With each passing day, my stomach grows stronger, as if it's engaged in a battle between me and the mountain. My belly is now ready to take on the title of the world's most highest peak!

Despite the ongoing struggles and constant battles in my mind, I hold onto the hope that one day I will rise victorious . reclaim my ideal weight. 

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