Thursday, August 10, 2023

Midnight Cake and Dance Parties: My Birthday Bliss

 A Birthday to Remember: Celebrating Life, Love, and Unexpected Surprises

It was August 9, and I couldn't help but feel the excitement brewing. This year, as I mentioned, it's going to be a milestone birthday. and I decided to take the day off on August 10th. 

My husband's plan was to lull my child and me into a deep sleep so he could decorate and surprise us at the stroke of 12:00 AM. But our son had some plans of his own. He chose to break his usual sleeping schedule, keeping the excitement alive until 11 PM, in contrast to his usual bedtime of 7:30 PM.  Zany...Birthday excitement was spreading through the house!

With the workday behind us, we hopped into the car for a night journey at 10 PM. Our goal was to get a birthday cake to cut at midnight and discover an ideal spot to welcome the new year of my life. After a 15-mile drive and scouting until 11:30, our cake quest hit a roadblock – no cake shops in sight! But just when it seemed like a cake-less birthday, fate intervened. We spotted a half-shuttered Baskin Robbins about to close. When we inquired about the reason for not closing the shop, he added, "The shop's regular closing time is 10 PM today, but I couldn't meet the targets, so I decided to keep it open. The main reason for only using the half-shutter is that the police could come by at any time."

We quickly nabbed a cake, revved up the car, and headed to a party hall. The party hall stretched out expansively before us, with the romantic glow of a lavish restaurant arrangement, and to our delight, we discovered that we were the sole occupants of this enchanting space. It was as though the universe had conspired to reserve it exclusively for our rendezvous.

We ordered tasty chicken, and at midnight, we gathered around to cut the cake, where my husband surprised me with not one but seven beautifully wrapped boxes! It turns out, they were all handmade Jewelry crafted with real flowers from leafy affair

The morning sun greeted us, and my little one headed off to school. My husband and I decided to spend some quality time together by playing a game of table tennis and reliving the joy of our companionship. The afternoon brought a unique excitement: a movie date. It was the first day, the first show, and my son, who was an ardent admirer of Rajinikanth, eagerly wanted a whistle. We arrived at the movie hall early and decided to pass the time by playing games at Timezone. My son aimed to buy a whistle with the points he had earned, but they fell short. We were prepared to purchase it, but the shopkeeper informed us that it could only be acquired with points. She suggested that we engage in a game that would earn us more points and encouraged me to participate in my son's games to accumulate more. After a few rounds and gathering enough points, we finally purchased the whistle, and it turned out to be an absolute blast! Playing with my son in the kids' section, felt like having another cherished memory. 

The day remained brimming with energy, and when we returned home, thinking the delightful surprises were over, I was pleasantly taken aback by yet another cake. This time, it was a thoughtful gift from my husband through FNP, and they presented it beautifully, resembling a bouquet. This surprise deeply touched my heart and added an extra layer of specialness to my day. 

Later, We went to dinner at Gold Rush, a cowboy-themed restaurant where the wide-open space offered a genuine taste and far away from the madding crowd. After spending a lot of time together, we finished dinner, and as we were leaving, we realized they had a dance floor. To our surprise, no one was there, and the DJ played songs just for us. Once again, the three of us enjoyed the music and danced like nobody was watching, celebrating the happiness that life brings.

As night settled in, I found myself on the balcony, lost in thoughts, the moonlight casting a romantic glow around me.It was in these quiet moments that I realized how incredibly fortunate I am, surrounded by the love of my family and the beauty of life itself.

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