Friday, September 30, 2011

Rainbow of my life

   What a colorful life I had past one year, definitely Nisha, Shobana, Siva Akka, Sakthi, Viji, Vidhya(2), Kalpana, Revathi, Samu, Aishwarya, Madhu Akka are the colors of my Rainbow of life.

Shobana, Shofi Kannu, Where are those speaker sets displayed at temples? Enakey enakku appadiye sapiduven you swallowed right?. When you speak sorry sing "Oh God beautiful, Oh God beautiful, all our gang will kept admiring dear!!!Remember the stupid fight we had while playing the cards? . How childish we behaved. :( :(.
But I hate you Maachan, you dint fulfil my wish of making Tara Fry and have with ********** at 17 degrees North

SIVA AKKA  I will definitely ask Oxford University Press to replace the word perfectionist with your name. Whenever I remove (throw) my slipper atleast once i will keep it proper for the way you maintain our room. But Why akka you love and admire vijayakanth, Ramarajan so much. 

NISHA My Maths teacher explained 1,2,3. .. English Teacher showed A,B,C... Tamil Teacher taught அ ஆ இ ஈ.. But you thought, showed, explained complete Hyderabad. More than Joe and Ranjini we both must have fought for Surya and Karthi. 

Madhu Akka - Big sorry akka. Still i feel that I am responsible for Tara's death :(

Kalpana However we scold in all CENSOR words you never take it to heart. But if Kushboo or Rajini sees the video we performed on your birthday. OMG!! They will leave their acting profession

ViJI - Hey you. could you guess worlds biggest gift? To be an admirable person by everyone. You are really admired by everyone for your funny talks dear. 

SAKTHI - You are the first person I spoke in our gang. From that day I could remember all the conversation we had, becuase we just spoke few :(  Please Sakthi dont talk few like Mani Ratnam movie.. :(

VIDHYA - You Just came to my mind with your sweet flash smile. :)  Your dressing sense is too good dear. Why cant you suggest a few ideas to telugu industry???

Will continue Rainbow of my life PART II in another post.

As shobana says , "Ela dont worry BE HAPPY :) :) :) :)", Let us be happy for ever...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Engeyum Eppothum

Engeyum Eppothum

As the movie title says, in this world everyone is susceptible to anything, at any time either it is an terrific accident or the magical feeling of falling in LOVE.

The movie starts with an bus accident at Villupuram highways coming on opposite direction(one which was started from Chennai -> Trichy and other from Trichy  -> Chennai.)And how the life of people changes up side down after a disastrous accident.

A. R Murugadoss has learnt the success formula, that people prefer Laddu because it is sweet not that is prasad. That's why he delivered a strong message with the mix of Enjoyable Entertainment and Emotions.

 The climax looks so realistic, that everyone feels their presence in the highway accident spot.

Thanks to the director, because of this movie people started following traffic rules and reduced the speed !!!
Must watch movie!!! Dont miss it :)