Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Forever Friend...

My Forever Friend... 

If I could have anyone I choose as my 'forever friend’ I would choose “him” 
What makes him so special? I can’t be specific. Because each and every thing is so special about him.
I still remember the first kiss he gave on my forehead and I opened my eyes to see him for the first time.
 “He is my hero,” my tiny brain alarmed. I closed my eyes with a smile and a relaxation of being in the hand of a person who will be my guardian for lifelong. He said something to me for the first time but I could not understand what he meant. All I could sense was love in his words.

Wait, wait, Sorry, this was not first time he spoke to me. He has spoken to me several times. What ever he say or express a feeling, silence was my only answer. Yet, these past nine months I enjoyed staying inside a dark protective hollow room listening and admiring his voice and activities. The way he took care of my mom, the support he provided during cooking, washing his clothes by himself to reduce the burden of my mother, those are the first things which attracted towards him.. I love him so much...
Wait!! Wait!! Here comes another girl. Oh! No… she is embracing him…kissing him too. And my hero… is kissing her back.
“OUCH!,” my mother screamed. My hero stopped kissing that girl and ran towards my mom. He rushed towards kitchen to bring water, when my mom said her stomach is burning.
“Of course, it’s my Jealousy” I thought still in angry mode.
My hero touched my mother’s womb and gave her water to drink. The girl who was close to my dad – “so called SISTER” came towards my mother’s womb and was about to say something.  I want to kick her. With full force I kicked her hard with my leg. But it’s my mom shouted in pain and my dad shouted with excitement glittering in his eyes. To gain my hero, My dad’s attention, I started kicking frequently. He is a person who gave me enough freedom to take decision on my own and was the first person to stand beside me, when I was in trouble.
Dad, my hero, not only today, but till my last breath and there after too.... you will still hold that special place in my heart... The greatest gift God gave me was YOU-My Father...

Thanks for showering me with love that no one in the world can ever show. I can bet no one can ever love me, respect me, and understand me the way you do.. My eyes just filled with tears when I write this. May be I feel that tears were the outcome of extreme love.

Things has changed now..

  • He thought me how to drive 2-wheeler. Now I am teaching him, how to drive a car....
  • Formerly he used to load my house with full of toys and gifts.. Now I am gifting him with lots of snacks, dresses and things he love...
  • Before I was his little kid whom he was taking care of... Now he is my kid, Whom I will take care lifelong..

Always Women’s first and forever friend would be definitely be their “DAD” 
I may find my prince in future.. But my dad will always be my king...

Oh No, My mom is scrutinizing with fury. Wait let me give her a hug and tell her that I love her too from my bottom of the heart.


  1. It was written beautifully. I got goosebumps when i first read this, another great work.
    People wont take time to write about their parents these days. Really well done..

    1. Hey Thanks a lot Nachi :) :) its was my pleasure that you tooo got that feel :)

  2. Good one...I was actually picturizin each n every sentence :-)

  3. Hey nice one...I was actually imagining each n every sentence

  4. Super dear :) Well written, enjoyed a lot while reading :) Thanks for such a wonderful post..

  5. Such a cute post..seems you have opened your heart and put it out here. :)

  6. Such a cute seems that you have genuinely put heart in this post. :)

  7. I may find my prince in future.. But my dad will always be my king... //// Sema...

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  9. It is indeed a nice post. I liked the way a father is described by her daughter. It is always said and is true that a father is her daughter’s hero. He is our first protector and the one who takes care of the family. He is always referred as the head and the pillar of the family.