Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rhythm of Heart beat: Blurb

Rhythm of Heart beat: A Tale from Coimbatore


"Rhythm of Heartbeat" -In the charming city of Coimbatore, where tradition and modernity intertwine, an extraordinary love story unfolds between Melina, a spirited young woman, and Karthik, an aspiring director.

Melina's life takes a surprising turn when she meets Karthik, a man whose charisma goes beyond his looks. While he avoids commitments, Melina finds herself torn between her desires and society's judgment against girls expressing their love. Despite these challenges, the undeniable connection between them adds complexity to her love life.

As Melina's infatuation deepens, she gains new perspectives on life and love. The world around her undergoes a magical transformation, infusing even the simplest things with enchantment. Every day brings new questions about whether her love can overcome the obstacles that stand in its way.

This emotionally charged narrative challenges the prevailing notions of romance and dares to explore the complexities of love. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Coimbatore, "Rhythm of Heart" beat" immerses you unraveling the complicated web of relationships and societal expectations.

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