Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Love after Break-Up

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Love after Break-Up
“No, I am not coming”
“But…Why?” Ganesh asked with a confused tone.
“I have a client meeting on that day.” Ganesh got angry for my answer.
“Don’t lie Karthik. This get–together has planned before 3 years…”
“I know but…” I kept silent for a moment.
Listen, we took a vow during our college farewell that whatever situation we are in, however busy we are our entire batch mates would meet on this particular day at Goa.”
“Please Gokul.”
“Well, if you don’t make it to this gathering, you are going to insult and spoil every one’s mood” He snapped sharply.
“Nar…ma…dha…Narmadha, would come to this gathering…I don’t want to meet her again” I said gravely.
“Of course, she will... She is our batch mate as well...” He paused and continued, “Karthik, don’t confuse your personal issues with this one. We will be awaiting your arrival. Bye.”
He disconnected the call. Though my heart provoked to attend the gathering so as to meet Narmadha, my brain refrained from encouraging that idea. I don’t know whether Meeting Ex girl friend is a sin or blessing. But after that slight misunderstanding and big argument that happened on the last day of my college, neither she nor I tried to convince each other.

Gaps or conflicts are natural in relationships, but when those small gaps are not addressed it would lead to a bigger gap. Whether she is married or in relationship or in a recent break-up, I have no clue. But I realized that I made my mind to attend the get–together.

The day arrived and we all gathered in railway station to board our train to Goa. In just 3 years, people’s physical appearance and attitude has changed a lot. Few guys got bald; few guys developed tummy and fat, few conservative girls converted into ultra-modern one; all together everybody was with new updated versions. I was wondering how Narmadha would look at present.

Fat? with hairs short? Wearing huge glasses?
Even in my humorous meme, Narmadha looked cute as always. Everybody was busy engrossed with conversation, but I limited myself by “just a smile” as my eyes were scanning for my Narmadha.

The train whistled and slow paced. Narmadha was not in yet. My heart studded faster than the train engine. Ganesh must have captured my ginger eating monkey face. He approached and said, "Narmadha has some unavoidable emergency. Hence she will come directly to Goa by flight"

The train reached Goa and Narmadha had reached a head before us. Before I could start a conversation, all my friends started flooding her with welcome pleasantries. She was the same person as I met before 3 years. she gave a casual smile on looking at me. An emotionless smile. How could girls forget their love and act so casual?

We all went to the allocated room got ready for the party that was planned at night.

To our big amazement we saw Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda at the stage. One of my batch mate is a director now and his debut movie was with Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda.  He must have requested their presence.
"Mann Basiyo Sanwariyo" Anushka started singing the song from ABCD – Any Body Can Dance and Allu composed his sensational moves extemporaneously and the crowd mimicked his steps. Soon the vicinity turned into fun fusion. It took a moment for me to realize that I was holding Narmadha and she was twirling and tuning to the rhythm of sensuous music. We got lost in the bubble of harmony. The music and dance made us to forget our past. Allu Arjun's dance passion continued to roar high and Anusha passion kept lifting and re-energizing our body, mind and soul.
I never felt the need to communicate that I still love her, since my soul felt that our love was charged again with the energy of Allu Arjun's sensational moves & Anushka Manchanda's magical voice

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you? 

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