Friday, November 22, 2013

Congrats on your Doctorate

My dear Doctor Akka 
Big Kudos for your Doctorate in physics 

"PHD" - The top academic degree requires lot of Tenacity, Passion and Discipline.

Definitely you must have faced obstacles in laboratory access and Guide support when you shifted to Malaysia. But you utilized the opportunities you had in Malaysia and work around the challenges and came up with flying colors.

Since I was with you when you were doing the MPhil, I know the amount of hard work, dedication, Motivation (tion, tion, tion) you put in for mastering. For PHD!???? My head swirls

Just wondering, After all with MPhil you achieved 100% results in your teaching career.….with PHD? Your students are gonna rock for sure

All the best Akka, for your new career which is going to kick off in couple of Months. 3 Years of sacrifice for your family and Kid is a brave step any women would step back to take. But you did with all your confidence. You will go heights for your stamina and sacrifice

I am very happy to be a part of Doctorate family