Friday, November 1, 2013

Saturday Series - Interview with Mehek Bassi

Interview with Mehek Bassi 

Reading an author interviews is always a great way to see a writer’s footpath to success. It’s with great desire, I am going to interview and share the experience of upcoming authors. It always makes us energetic to learn from their successful publishing journey.

And my first interview with Mehek Bassi – an adoring young writer.

What inspired you to write "Chained"
Chained started as a daily diary, which turned into a short story, and with addition of some more fictional elements, it took the shape and size of a book!

What was the hardest part about completing your book? 
Getting a book published is multiple times harder than writing it down, but frankly, Chained was a project which was completed very smoothly, without any hurdles, because it wasn't started with an intention of getting it published!

Did you learn any lessons in the book creation process, if so what where they? 
Of Course! The most important lesson that I learnt was, be honest with your work. Write straight from your heart, and not your mind. People these days are copying down content from other books or movies or TV Shows, but that's not justice to your work.

What tips or advice do you have for aspiring authors? 
Be yourself! The only advice I give to every aspiring author. Because if you try to be someone else, or write in someone else's style, you'll be creating a piece that's already selling in market under a famous name!

Are you writing or planning to write an additional book(s)? 
Yes, I'm currently working on a book named 'Heer', which will be released next year (hopefully!)

What else would you like to share about you or your book - Chained.? 
Well, about myself? I am a very straightforward, god-fearing, down to earth person, and I never wanted to become an author! (*laughs*). And about Chained, well, it's not only my first book, but I've poured my heart in it. It will always remain closest to my heart, and nearest to me on my bookshelf.

How can people find out more about your book - Chained? 
I have a website: Where you can find all the information about me, my books, my short stories, my blog and everything a reader might want to know!

On a typical weekend, what do you do?
Sleep! Because that's what I crave the most in weekdays. Engineering, and writing, don't go smooth together. For writing you need free time, relaxation, peace and a mood to think, and in engineering, you hardly get any of it!

Lessons learned in your life?
One and the only most important lesson I've learned is, if you love something/someone, never let it go. Relationships once lost, can't be formed again in a similar way, never hurt your loved ones because of your ego. Because the regret you will feel later, will kill you inside...


  1. Thank you for an interesting questionnaire! :) It was fun getting interviewed :) All the best for your book. Good luck and God Bless You :)

  2. Good one Deepika :)
    All the best to Mehak and Deepika for your future books :) :)

  3. I liked very mush the last answer ... well said ... hats off to the question and importantly for the realistic answer

  4. Thank you, Sreekant and Shankar!

  5. Great writer please do read my blog too .. :)