Friday, November 15, 2013

Trip to Horsely Hills

It was tempting to visit Horsely hills  for four reason:
  1. The Name was elegant and classic. If it would have been, “Yenugu Mallamma Konda” (old name of Horsely hills) definitely I might have not preferred. (Something like avoid vada, but rather eat it when sugar fillings and chocolate toppings are added and named as "donut")
  2. When you wiki Horsely hills, I got all tempted attractions like the road leading to the Horsely hills is extremely scenic and panoramic, with Mahogany, Jacaranda, Sandalwood, Gulmohar and Eucalyptus trees lining the road in the form of a dense... all bla bla bla. 
  3. To get lost and fall in love with the untouched natural outskirts rather than being in the polluted Bangalore environment
  4. It’s nick name was Andra Pradesh Ooty. 

Striking Trip to Horsely Hills:
As per our plan we reached KR puram at 6.30 AM. We were the first one to reach the place, but in fraction of minute all the people gathered and we started our ride.
I must mention it’s a gift to start the ride by crossing the hanging bridge flyover. The climate was extremely chill and the road was completely covered with fog. After our breakfast at Chaitanya fast food, teasing Chaitanya to offer the breakfast as complimentary, we started back. The road was little challenging with lots of speed bumps (10 being the max) and 5 hair pin bends.

Finally we reached the Horsely hills and found few adventures activities like Zorbing, Rappelling, ATV-Bike, Archery and Water walking Ball. We thought of trying Zorbing, but since prior reservation was needed we could not roll downhill inside an orb. We found interesting naming for the guest house, “Whispering winds”

Later we thought to explore the tiny zoo. The so called Million dollar bird Emu by Tamilnadu people, Peacock, ducks, deer and crocodile were the few birds we could find. We spent some time sitting near Manasa Sarovar lake and discussed about the future trekking events and had chocolates. Finally we went to a restaurant that welcome us with "Excellent and Mouth watering food"
We order the food and kept waiting..

Even the crocodile which was Dozing with its eyes and mouth open in the zoo must have woke up and started doing its job. But still we were


Minutes Passed ...
Hours passed...

Finally I saw the waiter coming up with plate, but it was veg fired rice.. oh my god, I ordered Chicken Fried rice. It was my mistake, I must have had the food which he brought. But thinking, just adding chicken pieces to veg fried rice, wont take much time, I requested him to bring chicken fried rice. The server took the order back but again took one hour just to add the chicken pieces.

I think he has added waiting charge, otherwise bill must have not crossed 3600 just for 14 people.
We started descending and finally stopped at tea shop.
After tea and coffee we had feedback session and started back to our respective places.

Just one line about the trip?
I am in love with Nature :)

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