Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Crazy definition of girls to Men

Crazy definition of girls to Men

Admiring other girls is absolutely fine!
But you are not supposed to glimpse someone, other than me!!!
Love that shabby look, but he should be neat and groom everyday
He should be trendy and fashionable, but should not be extravagant and spend un-necessary money in branded/expensive ones for himself. 
Should have knowledge on all girls stuffs. At the same time, should be answerable on his expertise!
No, If you say you have a sister and mother we can’t believe. We too have a brother at home and he never poked my mom or me!!!
Double happy if he watch serials with us!
What Cricket!? oh no, it’s a match fixing. Please excuse us!!! 
Love you a lot when you feel and say "You are mine". 
But, No you can’t be so be possessive.
We need your complete attention and love, however busy you are!!  
No, I have other important stuffs this Sunday. Going parlor, meeting my old friends, make my puppy bath..
It’s nice when you show that Men's attitude. 
But  No you can’t be egoist, dominating. 
Guy - Will be there in 2 minutes!!!
Girl - Every time you are doing the same. You don’t know the value of time and pain of making a people wait. 
(During shopping)
Girl - Another 30 minutes please!  Yeah we know are repeating it 8th time. So what. True happiness lies when you wait for someone. 
When a guy does a mistake : Whoever does the mistake, they have to ask sorry.
When a Girl does a mistake :
So what? Whats wrong when you come down and ask a sorry?
Why don't you value our relationship more than your ego?          

Simply love his lies and reasons he tell his parents, when he is out with me. 
When he lies with us, "You are a big fat liar. You cheat....etc, etc,.."               


  1. Is this your confessions page ? :}

    1. No, No, I am basically a good girl :P This is a just fictional statement of girls's definition.

    2. truth is stranger than fiction. Have to agree.

    3. Was it not the other way round@:?

    4. It is Mark Twain's quote. Must be true.

      But i don't think even he would be successful in decoding the truth from the women of his life.

    5. got it!!! But let me tell u the truth... Girls are not so complicated..movies and books have formed a perception like that...

    6. 'touch of mist' is also like that? :p

    7. then and there few exceptions are there :P JL, Touch of mist :P \
      Did u read my novel :P

    8. Nope, haven't. I searched the net, but no (free) downloadable pdf available.


    9. Please mail ur N&A (name and address), will send you hard copy :P

    10. Oh no. You are too good a girl to cause you such inconveniences.

      But since i am also eager to read the book, may i be entitled to receive to my email address?

    11. So Smart :P in not revealing ur identity

      You can read my novel here -

    12. link doesn't work :/

    13. thought you are brilliant :( need to add "l" at the end of htm :P

      Anyway here is the link :P

  2. i myself found that

  3. Hello! I think it is quite true but a little exaggerated about girls. Anyway, I liked the concept of crazy definitions of girls. It really seems crazy to me and fun to read.