Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

“This is the last time” My friend gave a severe warning and clicked my picture on my mobile. First day at office is always memorable. The moment we hold the ID card, we feel so proud and try to capture the moment. These days, the happiness gets doubled when we share it in the social networking sites. From morning I have been clicking my picture to upload in Facebook. Finally after clicking around 40 pictures or so, I was satisfied with the last photo that was captured. With the same happiness, I tried to upload the picture in the Facebook, but it failed again and again due to network issue.
I was assigned with a system on the first day itself. I transferred my photo to the system and opened the Facebook to upload the photo and share to the joy of my first day at office with friends.
But to my big disappointment, the application throwed an error. I was disappointed and checked for the issue. Then my eyes caught the warning message, that Facebook is blocked. I then browsed for Twitter, Gmail, youtube and realised that all social media was blocked in my office.

My friend, who is an employee in the same company and have been working since 5 years(who clicked my picture now, invited me for lunch.
Is all social media websites blocked in office? I ignored him and came straight to the point.
"Of Course. Yes. This is a financial industry. Security of the company data is important to them and hence they blocked everything."
"Oh my god. You should have told me earlier. Then I must have given a second thought for accepting this offer." Though I sounded funny, I was serious.
Smile was his answer.
“How you guys manage? What you will do when you get bored?” I was wondering how would I spend my days without social media.
"Previously it was. But now, we never miss anything due to the Fastest Network Airtel 4G." He replied instantly.
"4G or 3G?" I shooted him a question.
"4G Mam"
"Come on, In India 4G has not developed much. Still, its under blooming"
"Have you tried Airtel 4G?" 
"Then try Airtel. It’s the first telecom operation that introduced 4G in india and you know what. Its speed is incredible.  Its so fast that, we watch all the cricket "live" in our mobile phone itself. We download movies in our mobile and share with all our friends and colleagues. Because of the Fastest Network Airtel 4G, we feel we are downloading a song when we even download a movie. Its so fast......"
When laugh was my answer, he showed me the download speed of a movie in his mobile with Aritel 4G. I was dumb-struck and decided to buy a new Airtel 4G SIM.

Now, with Airtel 4G SIM,

  • I can watch all educational video in YouTube, 
  • Watch the movies instantly without downloading 
  • I can take record lots of dum smash videos and share with all my friends. 
  • Can take lot of videos and share in on my blog. 
  • Can watch and explore TED videos. 
  • Can download the videos of all my favorite songs
  • No more voice call with my friends and family. Only video chats. 
  • And much more....


  1. Thanks for sharing the features of Airtel 4G. It is really a fastest network I have ever used.