Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kids dancing to the Colgate #MaxFreshMove song

Have you ever wondered, why do kids feels so happy all the time? Because they live to the moment and never carry any negative feelings. They explore each and every second and love the life to the core.
There was a contest organised by Blog Adda recently. This contest was different from other and was little innovative. Bloggers have to dance to the tune of  Colgate #MaxFreshMove and upload their dance moves in their blog.
“Wow. Dance,” my excitement roared to high and decided to participate. As I was choreographing to the song, 3 little kids entered my room. On seeing me dance, they asked me whether I am participating in any dance competition. I replied them, it’s for a contest organised by BlogAdda in association with Colgate Max Fresh. Their next question was, “Where? Can we also join in the contest?”
I was stunned by their curiosity. “Of course yes. You don’t have to go anywhere for this. I can record your dance moves in the camera and can submit online from our home itself.”
“Are you going to shoot us in camera?” They all got double excited.
“Yes” I replied on seeing their enthusiasm.
“Play the song”, they replied and took a position.
“You don’t want to practice?. You have not even heard this song before.?” I was about to ask, but decided to record their moves without any practice. Music can make anyone dance, and when it comes to kids? It can do wonders. I wanted to record their moves that comes out directly from the heart and mind. Also, when we put pressure on kids, it may look artificial. So, their natural moves would definitely look lovely.
I played the song and here is their dance moves.



  1. Kolandha pullainga kadaisila sikkiducha ad ku. Atleast edhaadhu muttai vaangi koduthaya illa empty colgate dappa va kuduthu anupitiya :P

    1. I gave a Jewellery box to the small girl :)
      Btw. .they were happy while dancing and enjoyed it completely.

      Note this point your Honor! I made their day :P

  2. Kalyani covering ah adhu enna girls na jewelry box tha kodukanuma... Girls na alangara porul ah. Inimel avangalukku present a book which will be useful for them. They will be more beautiful when they are knowledged than being decorated with jewels ....

    Anyhow thanks for making their day happy :P

    1. at least jewels they might used it once. but Books, they never ever touch. They will just throw it in dustbin before they reach home. I had a habit of gifting books to my friends on their bday... later i heard a comment, "Why are you wasting money in these unnecessary things... dress or watches would be useful one..Books has to be in the place where it is respected... if kids love to read books, I will make their home a library...

      P.S -- I was frustrated, when I receive books as prize in my school days "

  3. " I was frustrated, when I receive books as prize in my school days" But un nermai enaku pidichirukku :P

    Think you have presented the book wrote by you adha kadupairupanga. :P

    1. Thanks... :P Nermai urangum neram....naan urangi viduvean... :P

      Kandu puduchitaru CBI... ;) Orey book.. adha touch of mist kudha kadu avangala boss :P