Monday, August 10, 2015

30 Must-Experience to Check Off Your Bucket List Before Your 30th Birthday

On this birthday, I have come up with 30 items that I wish to achieve before I turn 30. As I make progress, I will keep this post (by strikethrough) updated. I experienced a profound sense of happiness, motivation, and appreciation for life upon completing this bucket list.

Don’t just read my bucket list though – Create your own too and get inspired.
  1. Complete Chadar Trek 
  2. Go on an International vacation with my Family (Achieved: Malaysia, Singapore)
  3. Throw a dinner party for my friends and Family - (home Self-made meal)
  4. Learn to play musical instrument
  5. Offer my mom and dad a head massage.
  6. Reduce Weight to 52 KG/Achieve my ideal weight
  7. Sleep under the starts with my Entire family (Achieved)
  8. Spend whole day reading a novel  - No Network, No TV
  9. Grow Organic Garden
  10. Go bungee jumping 
  11. Join a New Club (Achieved)
  12. Finish 100 Books
  13. Perfect in One Yoga pose (Not Shavasana Pose :P ) : Update - Decided to be an expert in Padangusthasana 
  14. Make one New wise trustable Friend 
  15. Go to bed before midnight… and become a morning person - 6 am
  16. Spend in an Ashram for a month or at a new place
  17. Visit my old School CJMS
  18. Take up dancing
  19. Back pack across Kumara Parvata or Kudremukh
  20. Take part in a triathlon
  21. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone(Achieved To My Hubby and My Bestie Abitha)
  22. Do public speaking in front of 100 people (Achieved : Gave a Speech in front of 1000 people of various age group from  6 to 80 at Vethathiri Maharishi
  23. Get a Party make-up(Achieved)
  24. Take a Big Family portrait. 
  25. Meet someone whom I can only dream of meeting 
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Have my dream room (Achieved)
  28. Fly a Kite with friends.(Achieved)
  29. Swim a big distance
  30. Go on a cycling trip with friends
I am pleased to have accomplished the below items from my bucket list that I created a few years ago in addition to the above list.
  1. Plant a tree
  2. Dance in Rain
  3. Participate in Neeya Naana
  4. Donate blood
  5. Sleep on the beach 
  6. Go on a Road Ride
  7. Experience a sunrise/sunset


  1. I want to add one the list Deepika,

    Make Annual medical health check up mandatory for me and my family members,

    1. Oh that's a good one Gowardhan... Though I had not made medical checkup mandatory, I have taken up MCH few times.
      These bucket list, are the ones, that I never tired in my life :) and wish to do it before turning 30.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and dropping the comment.

  2. Hey there. The bucket list is very impressive. Even, I have to create my own bucket list and have to include quite similar things like these mentioned above. It would really feel so great to find our desires and wishes come true in this way.

  3. Hope the below one is completed :
    Meet someone whom I can only dream of meeting..

    heheheh.. All the best !