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Touch of Mist Book Review by Destination Infinity

Touch of Mist Book Review by Destination Infinity

Review by Destination Infinity

Touch of Mist is the first book written by Deepika Muthusamy. It’s about love, marriage, separation, and reunion(?). Frankly, I have not read many relationship-based books, and I was glad to read this one: it was like cool breeze in a perpetually hot Chennai!

What makes two people fall in love with each other? Why do they find each other so interesting during the relationship phase, and why does the equation change (sometimes immediately) after marriage? What is the reason for this change – are they internal or external factors?

These are the topics dealt with in book. Not directly – through a story. The story is good, and I loved the first 85% of the book. But the climax, and the scenes leading to it, could have been shorter. When you know what’s going to happen, a surprise might have made the story more memorable, or it could have been kept shorter.

The writing style of the author is good and there is continuity. I was able to create a picture of the story in my mind, as it happened – to the credit of the author. But certain scenes where the protagonists meet accidentally (on the way) could have been avoided as it felt like they were deliberately inserted to take the story forward.

Also, the scenes where someone talks to prevent people who have just attempted suicide to refrain from it, and they accept it immediately, was not convincing. Just when I thought undue  importance was being given to suicides in the story, the author makes one of the protagonist open a suicide helpline, and that was an impressive thought.

The author has brought out the relationship between the two protagonists very well. The conflicts have also been brought out well and I guess modern youth could easily identify with the protagonists. The Adam and Eve dialogues, giving out the differences in thinking between men and women, is very good.

Overall, this is a good read. I think it helps to read books in multiple genres as it broadens our perspective.

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