Monday, February 2, 2015

Overcoming the Challenges of Being an Author in the Digital Age

 Problem Being an Author

You can’t Share your pain/Ask a Question:

  • If I share my disappointments, desires, hurts or pain, people conclude that I am just saying it to gather their reaction or taking some survey for a new post.
  • Whenever I say “I am not feeling good" or "I am down", instead of asking the reasons or convincing, my friends always trigger a question, "Was it your next novel title?”
  • Few of my friends will be always extra cautious in sharing their personal stuffs. They don’t speak, since they fear that I may pen down their incidents in my blog. 
  • Below is the one of the screen shot of a chat, with my so-called-Idiotic-friend. 
Chat History with my Friend

I will be cornered with my writings:

Friends tend to give advice from my own writings, when I look out for their advice or support. You can’t ignore their advice since it was my own writings.
Let me share an incident. I was very confused in choosing a decision. When I was looking for my friend support, he said "Follow your heart" as you said in your video. This is what happens if you are writer :(

There were extreme ends too, People trust me blindly and turn towards me for advice. They share their problem and expect me to offer a solution as well.

Expect to be a literate in English

People expect me to be perfect in English. When I do a mistake, I could hear the below Statements,
How did you manage to write such a big novel without knowing this word? 
Don’t you know this basic sentence of grammar?
 Don’t you know the meaning of this small word?
Must be her Story:

Though it’s fictional, People will think it happened in my life. 75% of the people asked me, whether the love between the protagonist in Touch of Mist was my life incidents. It’s absolutely fine. You have the rights to ask any question. But they don't believe, when I say "No" and educate them it’s an imaginary story.
If I write about a kissing scene, "Oh yeah, she must have kissed a guy."
If I write about a dating scene, "oh she must have for gone for a date."
I have written about committing suicide, “So I must have committed suicide :P ”.
I re-iterate, A person who writes about terrorism need not be a terrorist. I don’t have to be in love to write a love story.
On a funny note, I don’t think Mr. Perfect like Gowtham exist in the world. Mr.Perfect or Mrs. Perfect exists only in dream world and in movies.

Approach you for editing their content:
She is a writer. She should be able to write/Edit an article for me. I always write only when it makes me happy and if any incident touches my soul. I enjoy taking part in contest and that’s the reason I participate in contest

Writing is not my passion, I enjoy writing and its one of the thing I love. When people approach me for editing their content or to help them in writing out something, I really can’t do that. I am being forced to write. In that case, definitely my quality won’t be good.

OMG!! You are an Author:

All my friends whom they knew me before publishing a book, say “My friend have published a book.” For them, I am still Deepika with the same old tag “my classmate”, "my room-mate", "my college mate", "my colleague". It feels good to be in that zone.

But the people whom I meet new, there came lots of embarrassing situation.

When they stumble across my post or book and when they understand that I have written a novel they say, “Deepika, I never knew you are an author. Was I talking to an author? “

People don’t stop there. They ask, why are you so simple, being an author?

But Yes, thanks to all my readers and Friends. This is my 234th post and it would have not been possible without you. I thank each and every person/incident who has been my inspiration in writing.


  1. Great... Thanks... I will be better prepared when I become an author :)

  2. Without pain nothing can be achieved. For this type of achievement these pains are nothing. When you climb a hill still reach the top all pain will exist once we reach the goal. All pains are go away. As you said, story to story more expectation will come. Dont worry. What you feel write it as it is. Please don’t go for any compromise in it. You have your own style of writing that will take to you to top. All the best..Keep posting