Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Family role for my better and self-reliant person

My dad always believed that a person has to be equally good in academics as well as extracurricular activities. That’s why when I was a kid, he used to take me to a stadium which was 5 KMS from my home. Those days my dad had only Bi-cycle. In Bi-cycle, he used to pedal to and fro and make me to run 3 rounds in the stadium. He used to run along with me and always encouraged me to take part in all the Athletic competition that was held in my School and in my local village functions. He felt proud when I bagged victory in running competition. He made sure, I take part in Zonal level, District level events and all inter school competitions. Though schools give training and encourage students, parents approval to take the kids outside the School was very important. I know my friends who are talented, but never take part in Districts matches since their parents never gave permission.

In that way, I am very lucky. My dad always took leave to his duty and used to visit the place where the match was taking place. Even though parents was not allowed inside the school, he used to peep from the school compound wall. He used to discuss later with my friends and family on my participation and my performance. His proud for my victory boosted my confidence and increased my enthusiasm for sports. If today, I am a avid marathon runner, its only because of my dad.

At a Marathon with my dad

On the other hand, my mom wanted me to excel in academics. She was a working women, still she used to teach me with stories however dog-dead tired she was. She always encouraged me to read the newspaper and discuss about the positive sections of the newspaper. My parents equally encouraged me to send articles to newspaper.

No wonder, their motivation should have craved deep in my heart. Because of that, I never miss any Marathon that happens in Chennai and Bangalore. Because of the reading habit, I am blogger now and have also written a Novel – Touch of Mist.

After the completion of my School, my dad made sure that I take decision on my own and stand on my own. That’s the reason, he joined me in hostel for higher studies so that I could live on my own and learn things. Because of those 3 years hostel life, I learned to wash my clothes, wash my plates and managed my issues individually.

Even now, when my dad goes to bank, he takes me with him and ask me to fill the DD forms for him. In that way, In future I will do it without anyone’s help. He makes sure I attend all my relatives functions and marriage so that I will know about my relatives.

He always discuss the financial issues and family issues with me and look for my opinion and suggestions. If I give some wrong suggestion, my dad explains why it was not a good idea. I really feel confident because of my family members guidance.

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