Sunday, February 8, 2015

Little things to do to our parents

Little things to do to our parents.

Below are the little things to do to our parents who are around 60 to 70 years old. Due to circumstance, we are away from them and it’s tough to provide our 100% support.
  • Reduce their burden: Pay their home electricity bill, Telephone bills online. Recharge their mobile, DTH’s online. Decrease their pain of standing in queue for a long time. For us, it’s just a one click payment.
  • Whenever you go home, buy the things they want, and stock it up.
  • Educate them: Teach them the usage of mobile and what' app. Share the kids' photos and videos often via what’s up. They feel so happy to watch their grandchildren.
  • Though we have many advantages over mobile invention, it spoiled our memory. We hardly dial our beloved numbers and we never remember the number in mind. What if mobile gets lost, or someone stolen it or if they forget it. So, frequently check whether they could remember 5 important person number (life partner, office number, daughter, son number)
  • Call them and talk often:When they say they are not feeling well, it may be not possible for us to take them to the Hospital. But at least call them morning and evening call to inquire about their health. Though you may not be able to provide physical support, offer them emotional support.
  • Accept their emotions change:I know this is the most challenging part. Always keep in mind that they are getting older physically, whereas turning kids at heart. Their memory power is weakening and even our little different behavior would hurt them a lot.
They repeat the same sentence often. Learn to be patience.
They tend to forget thing and keep asking the same question 5th time. Learn to reply them politely.
They ask you how to use gadgets, DVD's infinite times. Smile and teach them as if you are teaching for the first time.

  • Shower with the things they love Show them their old photos often. Gift them the movies they love.
  • Surprise them on their special days:Never forget their birthday, anniversary, and mother’s day father’s day. Order something online and make them happy
  • Make them feel important: Before taking any decision, even if you are not ready to take advice from them, at least in form them. . Promotions, rewards, call them the same day and inform them/ don't wait to tell in person
  • Book a taxi for them:If your parents are able to drive a car and can go buy their own, ignore this point.Else book them a cab or get a driver’s numbers along with you. Whenever they are going for a hospital or for any long/remote marriages book them a cab and pay the money by yourself. Parents will not  accept as it costlier, but fight with them to accept it. 
And Friends, its your turn now. Please do post in comments section about your views