Monday, December 15, 2014

The Safe Habit

The Safe Habit 

Six years of friendship, 4 years of love has come to a heavenly destination. Sundeep's marriage was fixed with Priyanka. Initially Sundeeps's love was not encouraged by Priyanka's parents. It took another 3 years for Sundeep to convince her parents to accept for their marriage.  Sundeep was holding Priyanka's hand. A cute Mehndi design was engraved on her hands that symbolized that their engagement was just over.

The clock struck 7 PM; Sundeep remembered his promise to treat his friends for their engagement. He always forgets the entire world, when her love Priyanka was nearby. He bided bye and zoomed to the party. The enjoyment roared high and everyone was fully drunk. His mind depicted “No drink and drive"
He ignored and kicked his bike. He was lost and could not sense the lorry coming opposite to him.
Priyankana got a call from Sundeep's mobile. With love, she picked up the call. But just to hear the news from his friend that Sundeep died in an accident.

We have heard, number of stories like Sundeep. We knew drunk and drive will take our life. Still, we risk our life. We know wearing a Helmet would save us from accidents. Still we fee Helmet is heavy, uneasy and curse the people who makes it mandatory.

First of all I salute Nissan Motor Co., Ltd for opening up a contest for Safety Driving. I sincerely thank them for organizing Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion activities.

When I joined driving school my instructor thought me only one valuable rule, while you are on road remember “All the other drivers and pedestrians on road are FOOLS. Its only you need to extra cautious while you drive." By experience I learned how true it was.

Below are the most common mistakes we do and generate trouble to other motorists. Let’s pledge not to repeat these in future for the safety of our own and our brothers and sisters.

Driving with a Head set and with full volume

Most of the hero introduction scenes are in bike with headset on. Drunk and drive scenes are easily seen in movies. Never saw a scene with helmet while driving. Their fans try to imitate the same in their life.
Like the smoking disclaimer that is shown in movies before it starts, for every wrong or dangerous driving a disclaimer “This could kill your life” has to be flashed during the entire duration of a wrong or dangerous driving.
Driving with a Dog on lap
I agree dogs are more intimate than humans, but any time it may go weird. If it sees another dog on road, they may bark and try to get into action. So avoid taking pets while driving.

Driving with a Child on lap: 

Most parents commit this mistake. They keep their child on lap, and make the baby to move the steering. How dangerous it is. Parents please think before you do it. You are a proud parent only when you teach driving after 18 years of age. Not before.

Texting while driving/Applying Make-up while driving

I agree you are multi-talented and can manage everything. But remember, if you are texting then it means you are directly texting to Hell. Then Yama, Dharma-raja will be replying to your text.

Fall in love with a girl and don’t chase and show off.
I agree, Love is blind and it can come at any moment. But please refrain yourself from falling in love while driving. You want a garland from her for your marriage or funeral? 

Dupatta/shawl is not your butterfly wings. 
You are not here to make an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for world's longest shawl. Please tie it properly before you drive. Chances of Shawl entangling in two-wheeler’s wheel are high.

Vehicle Mirrors are not meant to admire you:
I know you are handsome, good looking. But please don’t admire yourself when you drive.

Don’t perform break dance and confuse drivers.

Even your performance was up to the mark, Zee Tv will not book you for Dance India Dance show. But yes, police may book you for a fine. Please keep your lane and put indicator whenever you want to shift the lane.

Roads are not formula one Race track:

You can compete in race not on roads. If you are racing then its nothing but you are driving in your own graveyard. Don’t horn and scare other drivers.

Do not over load.

Joint Family? But yes, doing like this may make your nuclear family. Think twice.

Social Issue:

Women drivers are teased and for Men their Ego hurt.
Guys overtake Women drivers rashly, making scary noisy and zigzag moves. If a woman drives slowly, horns blare at her warning to drive fast. This has to be avoided

  1. Car Company should provision to start the car only when all the passengers in the car wear a seat beat.
  2. A breathalyzer device should be installed in every car, and the person sitting in the driver's seat need to breathe. Only if the test is passed and confirmed that driver is not drunk, the car should start.
  3. No provision to drive a car more than 100KMS speed.
  4. Airbag was such an admiring invention. Why not invent something that could automatically sense if a vehicle is too close to another vehicle or about to crash into an object and give a warning sound or stop the car safely? 

I don’t know how far it’s possible. But I trust in a decade it would be possible

This post is written as a part of Nissan Safety Driving Forum contest organized by Indiblogger.