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A vacation with Teddy Travelogues

A vacation with Teddy Travelogues(Club Mahindra) | A vacation with Kid

During Summer vacation which is a duration of 8 weeks, my sister Apoorva engage her son Sanjith in Foreign language class, Handwriting class, Yoga & Aerobics class, Dance class, Skating class, Drawing class, swimming class (oh my god.. let me take a breath) and what not, in all the classes. So, I never get time to spend with the kid during summer vacations. 

But Half-yearly holidays that include Christmas holidays and New Year holidays is always a treasure for me. Since it’s just a duration of 12 days, my sister Apoorva will not have a chance to enroll Sanjith in any of those classes. More over Apoorva works in bank and hence she does not get 12 days leave and she badly needs someone to take care of Sanjith. She has only one choice. To leave Sanjith at Grandparents home ie. My home. Hurray!!!

I count my days for spring vacation and those 12 days are always rejuvenating experience. This vacation is the only thing I look forward in the entire year. Not because I am getting a break. But Sanjith the 5 Year old kid will be spending the vacation with me. He takes me back to childhood, and make me forget all my worries when I am with him. 

My neighbor house does not have any kids and hence Sanjith has only one option - To play with me, to stick with me for his time pass. I must say when the kid is around me; I go crazy and completely transform into a kid, enjoy playing with him. 

The Kid scatters all his toys, books and neatly arranged things from shelf, yet we loved enjoying the clumsy atmosphere.!
Walls will be scribbled with his drawings, yet that’s the most picturesque art. !!
All the talcum powder, Rangoli Powder will be sprinkled on the floor. Yet we love falling in that slippery floor to make him laugh.!!!
He will sit inside the bathroom tub and spoil the water and waste soap, Still we loved him for his naughty things!!!!

My day starts with waking him up with kisses and ends with narrating a story every time.
My brain becomes so creative to make him innovative dosa (heart shape ♥ , rectangle shape and so on). I become a teacher by teaching him cycle... 
Whenever, I go to shop for any purchase, before I take my scooty key Sanjith runs and sits in Scooty as to get one chocolate from the shop. 

Evening Sharp 6.00, I have to take him to Park. I have to help him and the other kids in spinning the merry-go-round. The kids playing on it are so energetic and their happy and positive mood spreads to me. I play teeter-totter with him, when he doesn't get a company. The toughest part comes when I need to vacate the park. He goes to the slide and says, "I will come home only after 15 slides."
I patiently wait counting and watch him playing. I willingly count wrong as to watch him enjoying his slide for more time. 

Who said beach trekking, massage would rejuvenate and relief stress and depression. Go to a park, and get around with kids, you will never get that mesmerizing experience anywhere. Trust me; playing wholeheartedly with a kids is better than going to a psychologist for treating depression. 

Kids add charm to our world. In turn, it’s our duty to ensure that kids have the best time during their vacation. We can take them to Zoo since Kids go crazy when they see cartoons and animals. So whenever Sanjith comes, I take him to Bannerghatta National Park. He compares duck with Donald Duck, talks like Scooby-Doo, acts like Pink Panthe and enjoys the most. After reaching home, he tries to say all the animal names that he saw in zoo to my parents’. He mimicry how it walks, eats and shouts. Their curiosity to learn new things and questions, make us learn things as well.  

Here are the suggestions to make Kids enjoy the vacation:
  1. Take them to Water parks and amusement park. Kids simply love it. 
  2. Take them to resort. 
  3. Take them to Elephant ride.
  4. Take them to a Boat ride. 

Yippeeeee!!!! Just one more day for the vacation to start :)

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