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Pre-Marital Sex - Yes or No

Premarital Sex - Yes or No 
In my grandparent’s generation, a girl talking to a boy was considered immoral. Whereas in my parent’s generation, a guy talking to a girl was acceptable, but love marriages were treated to be sin. Whereas in my generation i.e, at present, love marriages are welcomed by our parents. But the term “living together”, “Dating” and “Premarital Sex” are considered as taboo. The below three pictures would describe the cultural growth of three generations. 

My Grandparents Generation

My Parents Generation.. 

The Next Generation... 

I was shuddering, when I spoke to my little sister today who is just 19 years old. I also understood that generation gap was not between me and my parents, but it was between me and my sister. I am 26 years old and my sister Ishani is 19 years old and she just entered college.
This was the question I asked her after a long hesitant, "What you think about premarital Sex? Are you for it or against it?” I thought she would be embarrassed at such question. But, in-turn, she comforted me and wiped my shyness to hear her answers.
With confident she replied, “I don’t think it’s bad as long as they get married. I would not be comfortable about it when it’s with a guy whom I know for a small time. But, if it is someone whom I have known for a long time, then there comes the matter of trust. If I can trust him, maybe I would not mind having it with him”
I appreciated her for being candid and I am a person who doesn’t cling to the old beliefs. I don’t have any wrong opinion on people who go for dating, live together and have sex before marriage. Because it’s their freedom and as long as they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, “who are we to judge them or pass some critics?” But on the other hand, according to me my answer is a Big “NO” to pre-marital sex. Because, there are chances of promises about marriage, getting broken up after sex. So in those cases, the girl gets treaded upon by her own feelings. Then there comes the look of society upon her as a “bitch”. Also, I studied in a Christian school, which preached premarital sex is a sin and the environment I brought up was with full of morals and values. They taught me sex is meant only after marriage and their teachings were nailed up in each and every cell of mine.
A woman should be matured enough to judge or select her partner. Even if a woman is mature enough to select the Mr. Right, Circumstance can turn 180 degrees and the partner may leave you for any personal, health or financial problem. Ask yourself this question 100 times, what if he finds a better person than you, or maybe he was with you just for sex? Or things were not working out and announce a call off? In the case of a break-up, it's only women go into a deep depression.
Sex is a beautiful gift from nature that takes the love life of a partner to the next level by developing a deep companionship. But when it is done before marriage, it may bounce back the other way. It may develop a hatred feeling towards partner in case of any minute break-up. Love is to enjoy the emotional bonding between the couple whereas, marriage is to enjoy the physical bonding between the couple.
As per me, the right age to talk about Sex has to be over 24. Premarital sex comes with a package of fear of pregnancy, fear of break-up. When you love someone truly and unconditionally, you wait for them. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. It may be difficult to stop yourself from getting intimate with the partner whom you love the most. But when you wait till the marriage, it really takes you to the next level. And as a woman, the best gift you a woman can gift for a life partner would be the "virginity" and as a man, the best gift you can give to your lover would be stopping herself from facing unwanted pregnancy and guilt.

This post was written as a part of YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex contest organized by indiblogger.

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