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New year Resolution with Micromax Canvas Tab P666

New year Resolution with Micromax Canvas Tab P666

New year is know for Resolutions.
I am an avid Trekker and my Year resolution for the year 2015 is to do more trekking and explore more places. But I do face lot of challenges when I go for a 3-4 day trekking in dense rain forest or in any mountains.
The First and foremost problem that every trekker face would be the battery problem. It drains out so easily. We struggle to contact our co-trekkers in case they get lost and also call our family at least once in a day to inform that we are safe.
Second, its impossible to find the correct Trail and reach the top of the mountain. But I was so excited to know about the launch of Micromax Canvas Tab P666 recently. No doubt its going to be the best buddy for all the avid trekkers. Below are the top 6 reasons for me to choose Micromax Canvas Tab P666 and its gonna help me in fulfilling my new year resolution 2015.  
  1. Take More photos and upload in Face book and Share in Whatsapp.
  2. Easily track GPS location 
  3. Read more books during my travel
  4. Blog More and Participate in Indiblogger Contest. 
  5. Battery Backup 
  6. Capture More Videos
Take More photos and upload in Face book and Share in Whatsapp.
When I go for a trekking, I tend to meet many new people and the eclectic hills and bewitching beauty of the nature tempts me to take more photos and Selfies. Micromax Canvas Tab P666 comes with 1 GB RAM and it will be helpful in capturing lots and lots of photos and upload it in facebook then and there. Another interesting feature it comes with 800x1280 pixels resolution. Do photo freaks like me need any other reason to grab the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 launch? It also comes with 2MP Front Camera, so I am going to get the selfie with excellent clarity and can share in whats app immediately to all my friends.. 

Battery Backup /Easily track GPS location 
I use GPS to locate the location exactly and for that a good battery back up tab is needed. I was so excited on hearing the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is with 4400mAh battery. Unbelievable!!! Which means 325 hours of stand by time and 6 hours of browsing time. In those 6 hours I can easily trek 2 mountains with the help of GPS :) It has Prioritized contact list and hence I can call my fellow co-trekker as soon as I get lost. Imagine yourself, getting lost in the middle of forest and you open up the phone to call your friend for help then you realize you need to scroll 100 contacts before you find your friend. Thanks Micromax for the Prioritized contact list option.

Read more books during my travel

One thing, I miss during trekking is books and blogging. Since it has 8 GB ROM and its also Expandable up to 32GB, I can preserve all the Ebook in Micromax Canvas Tab P666 and read it whenever I want to. Hooray, I can read while hiking, Eating, halting and when the whole world sleeps. I can read connecting to nature by sitting on top the mountain and accompanying the sun rise. 
I can even watch 127 hours movie while hiking to Blue John Canyon :P 

Blog More and Participate in Indiblogger Contest.
When ever I go for long trekking say a duration of 10 days, I miss the deadlines of all the Indiblogger contest. If Micromax Canvas Tab P666 was with me, I can blog my experience then and there. Before I go to bed I can post about the day experience and infact participate in all the Indiblogger Contest.

Capture More Videos:
Though Photos bring back the memories, nothing can replace a Video memory. In trekking, we do l lot of dance, chit-chats and much more. All the nature can be best captured in Videos. At the end of the Trekking, we make a beautiful video with all the photo and vidoes. Since Micromax Canvas Tab P666 comes with 1080p HD video recording and playback I love to opt for it.

Every year I make new year resolutions and break it in few days due to lack of motivation or encouragement. But Thanks to Micromax Canvas Tab P666 for its excellent features, its is sure going to motivate me to achieve my new year goals of Trekking as well as writing more books.

Want to Know more about Micromax Canvas Tab P666. Please click here to watch the Embedded Video. 

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