Friday, December 5, 2014

5 interesting places I would like to visit

5 interesting places I would like to visit 

I am a person who loves to travel a lot and explore new places. It helps to connect me with nature and rejuvenate myself. New Year is round the corner and its time to make the Wish list (Travel list) for 2015.
In 2015, I would like to Visit 5 interesting places that I always dreamed about.

Chadar Trek (Zanskar Trek) - Frozen River/Zanskar River
Chadar Trek would be the defaulter in the bucket list of every aspiring trekker. I am really sort of words to describe about the beauty and charm of this river during January. I have had explored Beach trekking, trekking in deep rain forest, Night trekking, full moon day beach trekking, But a Trek on Frozen river?
From the moment I heard "trekking on a Frozen River", my soul fell in love with it without my knowledge. Its repeated discussion with my co-trekkers made me to long for this. This trekking is best only during the month of January, since only during that time, the Zanskar River freezes down to ice. It’s the most challenging trek and adventurous trek with duration of 8 Nights/9 Days covering a total distance of 105 km. The temperature would be around 15 to 20 degrees (during the day) and -25 to -35 degrees (during the night). My friends told me that, the tea gets frozen off as soon as they take if off from the fire make it hard to difficult to drink. Sounds so thrilling right? And yes, I had already booked my flights tickets and have planned for it during 16 Jan 2015 to 24 Jan 2015
Wondering why the name Chadar? It means thick blanket of the snow. Counting my days to trek on the snow blanket!!!

Boston, United States:
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If Chadar trek is a dream destination for all passionate trekkers, participating at-least once in Boston Marathon would be life-time achievement for all athletes. The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest and prominent race in united states and in order to qualify to run in Boston Marathon, a person should meet their previous record of 3hrs 35min 00sec in their gender and age category. For my gender and age category it is record of 3hrs 35min 00sec, which is equal to a pace of 8:50 per mile. Registration has been already opened for the year 2015 and it’s scheduled on the Massachusetts Patriots’ Day i.e. April 20, 2015.
I would be so pleased if I get a chance to participate in Boston Marathon once in my life time, if not at-least once I should visit Boston to see and encourage those veterans running.

Mount Kilimanjaro 

still from the movie Robot 
It’s in my bucket list to visit at least ONE of the Seven Wonders of the World before I die. Among the Seven Wonders of the World (new list), my first preference would be Mount Kilimanjaro which is otherwise called as Machu Picchu, Peru. Why not Taj Mahal or Great Wall of China? Why am I specific about this world wonder? It’s because of the 2 reasons; first it’s the highest mountain in Africa. Second, I loved it from the time, Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai danced for the song Kilimanjaro in the movie Robo(Enthiran). The complete “Kilimanjaro” was shot in Mount Kilimanjaro and the picturesque mountain attracted me. This is also called as Mountain of Light

I am yet to find the reason for falling in love with Melbourne. My favorite pet is Penguin. I love its goofiest look and it’s so cute. I love watching them swimming and its jump into the air are just amazing. I know in Melbourne there is a dedicated place for penguin named "Penguin Parade". Then I wanted to visit “Healesvile Sanctuary” and explore the animals that I had seen only in Animal Planet and Discovery channel. Last but not least, I wish to visit Eureka Sky deck 88 and wanted to view the inspiring Melbourne in all 380 degree angles.

Leshan Giant Buddha, China
Source - Wikipedia

I am a big fan of Buddha and follow his quotes. From my childhood, I have a huge collection of Buddha Statue and madly wanted to visit all Buddhist temples.If Kashi and Rameswaram are the holy and dream place for Hindus as a Buddha Follower I want to visit Leshan Gaint Buddha. This place has a 71-metre giant stone statue of Buddha with a bright smile on Buddha. So, I want to see Buddha with a height of 71-Metre.

There is one more in my wish list in other words I would say my die-hard desire, which is incredible and that cannot be clubbed with the above wishlist. That' Hiroshima and Nagasaki city in Japan.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki city in Japan:
When I was in school, History was always a boring subject and one can always see me sleeping in the class. But for one of the History lecture, I was completely awake and after reaching home I goggled to learn a lot about it. That's the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The explosion has washed out 2 cities, killing many people. I just closed my eyes and prayed god when I read another dreadful statement. “Still people have an effect due to the radiation exposure.”
I followed regularly about Hiroshima and Nagasaki from that day and now I am so proud to see their growth. One best example would be the large automobile industry Mitsubishi is in Nagasaki. I want to explore both the city Hiroshima and Nagasaki, meet the Japanese people, understand their culture, their positive attitude in coming up after such a tragedy incident.


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