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Touch of Mist book review by Nitesh Jain

 Touch of Mist book Review

Touch of Mist

Deepika Muthusamy
A story that slowly but surely enters the readers heart and eventually stirs the soul. A must read for people who are juggling between love, desires and commitment.

Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182534407
Pub. Date: 2013
Price: INR 225
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Overall rattings: 4.5 | 

The plot
Here comes a refreshing story of Gautham and Reena, working in Bangalore, who fall in love and then traverse a journey that is no longer the proverbial bed of roses. After convincing their parents for marriage they unite and begin to savour the marital bliss but what comes their way almost ‘tears’ their life apart. Misunderstanding, ego-clashes, possessiveness, take-for-grant attitude take the driver’s seat and one by one clip the wings of the love birds. While Reena feels that there is no hope left in her life and almost decides to end it, Gautham on the other hand, tries to move on by pursuing a higher degree abroad. Comes Kishore, the couple’s colleague, who not only acts as a peace maker but succeeds to preach the couple the real meaning of Love, Life and Sacrifice.

Highs and Lows
The author wins brownie points for introducing a ‘sweet intervention’ of Adam and Eve in between the narrative. The insights provided by the duo bring smiles on the reader’s face each time they enter the scene. The social initiative taken by Reena to combat suicide is another high point of the story. The reader might as well wish for such an initiative to materialize in real world. It is rather quite difficult to point out any lows in the story, however certain situations in the plot seem unintentionally funny which eventually succeeds in adding the required flavor to the entire proceedings.

Plot: 4.6 | 

Creativity: 4.5 |

Overall Rating: 4.5 | 

Language and Style: 4.4 |  

A deliciously baked story of love, marriage and reunion told from the heart. Touch of Mist, debut novel by Depika Muthusamy manages not only to touch the readers heart but pledges to enter and stay there forever.

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