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A healthy child makes a happy home.

A healthy child makes a happy home.

Today I happened to clean my house and came across my personal Journal that I was maintaining from past 25 years. 

March 10th 1990. . .

Today there was a writing competition at my school Organized by Dabur India. The topic was "A healthy child makes a happy home" When I read the sentence, my mind flashed about my uncle Mr. Natarajan who was a multi-millionaire in 1970’s. He is known for his intelligence, Hardworking, good and kind-hearted nature. He had 2 sons - Pari Natarajan and Praveen Natarajan. As soon as he finished his son’s marriage, he divided his complete property into three and offered it to his 2 sons and took one share for him. He told his sons to lead thier own life and to start a business based on thier own interest.
With the money in hand, both Pari and Praveen started a new business. The eldest son Pari Natarajan started Alloy steels. Soon he was blessed with 2 female kids. His business grew and he succeeded like a hell. Mr.Pari recently gave an interview. What was his success factor? He said its because of his 2 beautiful daughters. "They are my inspiration. I go weird on seeing their positive energy and beautiful smile. Every morning, I play with them, go to swimming and the energy I get from kids is unexplained and it motivates the day."

Unfortunately, Praveen Natarajan too started Garments business. He succeeded rapidly than Pari uncle. He started to export the clothes and he started his business worldwide. Everything went smooth until. . .

One day he found his daughter fainted while playing. They took to the hospital and realized that she was having some problem with the heart. They took her to Bangalore. No use of treatments. They found the best hospitals in Singapore and stayed over there for her treatments. He joined his elder daughter in Ooty Convent School hostel, to concentrate on his Younger’s daughter treatments. Months passed. He lost his focus on his business. He was always stressed. He avoided family functions, since he was spending time for his daughter treatments. The business went on loss. I wonder whether god exists in the world. Because he took away the kids life. That point of time, I realized, how Healthy kids play a vital role in a family.

September  29th 1999:
I never liked my wife at the time of marriage. We had lots of conflicts in each and every decision. In-fact I thought of divorcing her. When our hardness was about to reach the peak, she was conceived. We thought its our fate to stay together. But after my son’s birthday, our love towards him made us closer and the intimacy between use us grew. I must say that if today me and wife are staying together it is because of my son's birth. No, its not with the compulsion. But we understood that we have similar interest for our son. Never knew, a happy kid would change a person's life.

August 19th 2013
Today I came from office with a severe head ache and stress due to office work and pressure. My 5 year old kid came running towards me with lots of love and affection. In fraction of second, all my stress wiped off.  That love and affection and his positive energy made me to forget all my stress and head ache.

December 14th 2014
My M.D is very bold and strong. He got a call in-between an important meeting. He excused us and went outside the meeting room to attend the call. All we could hear was a screech sound of our MD.
We are rushed to see what happened to him. He cried and shouted. It took 15 minutes to make him normal. His hands was trembling. We called back the same number and came to understand that his Son's school van met with an accident and his son was hospitalized. Though he was literally very strong, this incident shook him to the core. He sat at the corner of the hospital without knowing what is happening in and around him.

A bright smile lightened his face, only when the doctor said his son is safe and out of danger zone. Kids are very important to one person life and Kids play a vital role in Family happiness.

January 3rd 2015:
My grandma was diagnosed with cancer and doctor said its impossible to cure her. Since it was the duty to take care of my mother, my dad brought her to my home and offered all the medical treatment possible. My son started mingling with her and she started listening to my son naughty stories, his day experience and so on.

Soon, my grandma started walking and felt so active. I won’t say that she was saved from cancer. But yes, she is surviving more than the expected day. It’s all because of the magic of the kids.

When I finished reading my Dairy I learned the value of healthy children.

In-fact, taking care of kids is another sensitive thing. They don’t know what is good and what is bad. They tend to get wet in rain and play in water. They don’t know the impact of getting cold and fever due to it. Everyday freaking traffic, pollution and climatic changes affect the kids a lot. Kids also don't have immunity power as that of adults and hence bacteria's and virus love to go and rule a kids body. I was surprised to see a kid with 100% attendance in school. Its rarely 5 to 10 kids in a school of 10,000.

They eat lots of chocolates and ice-creams and tend to spoil their teeth. They take out their bi-cycle and race with their fellow kids. They are kids and all they know is to face the world without any fear.

So, was it not our duty to protect the wealth of our family the kid? Make sure you include Dabur Chyawanprash atleast twice a day in their diet plan. It has herbs like Amla the best antioxidants and gives you 3X of immunity. It increases Natural Killer Cells that is very much needed for immune system

This post is written as a part of "A healthy child makes a happy home" contest organized by Indiblogger. 

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