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The Archers Revenge by Destination Infinity

The Archers Revenge by Destination Infinity 

The story starts with Arya's Mission to kill the minister who was visiting the mountainous Temple town of Tirupati. When I scrutinized the Book title "Archers Revenge" and the sample chapters that was available on Amazon, my mind concluded that it must be a story of a guy Aryan who must be passionate to get a Olympic gold medal for Archery. The Minister must have played politics in his passion and hence he is trying to take revenge. (Tamil movies spoiled me a lot)

The first time when I received the book, I was double excited since it has only 136 pages. I was really taken back by the recent gift of A Passionate Gospel of True Love which has more than 500 pages. I started reading it immediately and finished the book in just 2 hours. It’s a very easy read and it keeps you glue to the story. The story just revolves around 3 characters. Arya, Divya and Guru. Since the story is about taking revenge, it’s understood that whatever plan they implement to kill the Minister would fail till the climax. But the way the author handled the story and failures are good. There were little fun elements between Arya and Divya which makes us to smile at few places.

The story starts with Chapter 0 (Prologue) and then Chapter 9,8...1 and then Chapter 1, 2 which was an excellent way to tell the past and present.
Like the Tirupathi hairpin bends there are lots of twists in between the story too and many motivating sentence as well.

1. Very Easy Read
2. Language used is Lucid
3. Nice twist at the climax.

Logic Loop Holes:
1. Guru loses his Minister Post and become a normal person. But during his Anniversary visit to Tirupati he comes in the same Ambassador emitting a siren noise. I believe the siren noise is used only for the people in post.
3. Divya was projected such a way that she was given full freedom to choose her path. If that is the case, will her parents force her in Bride seeing ceremony?
4. If the CBI officers are able to track his moves through GPS location, even the police officers should have found his whereabouts long back.

Overall, It’s a very good story from Debut novel!!!

Rating - 3.25/5  (3 For the Story and Twist, 0.25 for a nice plot from debutant author)


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  1. Thanks for reading the book, and your frank review. Actually I wrote this book as an experiment to see whether I am able to write a novella! I hope I can write my next book better.

    Destination Infinity