Saturday, January 31, 2015

3 reasons why chat is better over a phone call

Three reasons why chat is better over a phone call

Though technology has developed a lot and people has become more social than earlier, we still prefer to have some privacy. When I got a Facebook invite or LinkedIn invite from my friends, I was hesitant to join though it was free. Because, I wanted my privacy not to be affected in any case.
I heard a lot about Quikr and in-fact advised my friend Abitha to opt Quikr for buying and selling during her Bangalore Shift. Everything about Quikr was good, but the only thing which was bothering me was the email id and mobile number was displayed public and anyone could see my number. But with Quikr NXT!  That issue has been resolved.

Below are the reasons why I would prefer to chat over a phone call.

1. Avoid lot of disturbance.

  • While travelling in bus or when in traffic signals, it’s really difficult to talk over the phone. If the buyer says 10,000 I may end up hearing it as 1000. To avoid all this, chat is always a better way. Also, I also don’t like people over-hearing my conversation. 
  • Privacy: When you are in the movies, malls or out with friends, you expect privacy. The buyers or sellers will not be knowing your availability or busy schedule and may end up calling at odd times. You may not be able to switch off your mobile, as you may get an emergency calls. With chat facility, you easily turn off the chat, without switching off the mobile and continue to enjoy the leisure time with friends. 

  • Avoids wrong perception: Sometimes, When I talk loudly in phone, people tend to conclude that I am aggressive. In chat, that problem will be rectified and if you add a happy smiley at the end, the deal ends smooth 

2. Tracked/Saved conversations:

  • Future Use The first thing I learned in my software career was to have written proof. When there is a bug/defect leaked to production from testing environment, the project team do an analysis. In the analysis, when I say it’s a valid one and it has been discussed in meeting and calls, people will toss a crap expression. They need written emails. Because people may change their statements based on circumstance. So, Chat will help us to have saved the conversation, which will help us in future use.
  • Share Image: Best option in chat facility which will not be provided in phone calls. I can ask the buyer to send all the angles of the products and share the image instantly. 

3. Can do multitasking:

  • Decide best option simultaneously: When you are talking on the phone, you need to pay attention to the caller. But In chat, you can do multitasking. I can chat with 5 to 6 people simultaneously and decide which the best option is.
  • Concentrate on beauty: When the face pack is applied on the face, you are not supposed to talk. When you talk, there are high chances of getting wrinkles. Being a girl, face pack can’t be avoided. This chat facility will help me to apply face pack and have a conversation with the dealers without talking. 
  • Make use of unavoidable situations:Can chat with the dealers, in a bored meeting or in uninterested training.
  • Listen to music and chat with the dealers. 

Above all, there is one more attracting feature in Chat, i.e Chat comes with Free of Cost. Phone calls come with a cost, whereas chat is for free.

This post is written as a part of Get Quikr NXT! contest organized by Indiblogger.