Saturday, January 31, 2015

If I get that Second Chance

If I get that Second Chance 

“The last date for income tax declaration is 03/02/2015.” My eyes browsed the dates and I ignored the e-mail since I have 3 more days for it. As I was about to shut down my system, my team lead came towards me and allocated a task.
“Sir, it’s a Friday evening. How do you expect me to do? I already got Friday Fever” I replied him and he gave a smile and left the place.
“Postponing the things” that the easiest and most lovable job in the world. As I stepped out of office, I saw a small kid begging. Whenever I cross her, I ponder something to do the child. But due to my busy schedule (really!?) I always ignored.
As I was about to catch an auto, a black car came towards me and hit me hard. I started to fly on the air like typical Bollywood movies and began losing the conscious. When I woke up later, I saw a guy dressed up heavily. He cross checked my face with his laptop and send a confirmation message in what’s app to someone.
“Is there any shooting going on” I asked with curiosity.
He got angry and replied, “I am Yama Raja”. He offered his hand as he said this. In the meantime, all the other people lord Shiva, Vishnu, Chitragupta joined us and I realised that I was dead in an accident and now in heaven (Hell!?)

Al of a sudden, I felt guilty for my tasks that was left untouched on the earth. I wished I could go back and fulfill my bucket list. I regretted for not completing my family responsibility. I had my passion burning that is yet to be achieved.

I went to Lord Shiva and pleaded, "Give me a second chance. Please. I would love fulfil my bucket list. I wish to live long"

Yama told in sarcastic voice. "Lord Shiva, she will never complete her wish list. Don’t give her second chance. She had just put off her works with lame justifications."
Silly Excuses... 
I replied Yama, "May be true. I have put off till yesterday because there were tomorrows. Since I realised that there is no tomorrow for me, I feel guilt for all those stupid excuses.”

Lord shiva thought for a while and said, "I will just give you just one more day to complete your top three stuffs that you have pushed off for the future”

I thanked Lord Shiva for offering me #SecondChance and the next moment I was on earth. I started to list the things that I have put off.

After making the above list, reality struck me. With just 24 hours I would not be able to fulfill all the things. So, I took one possible thing from each class that can be completed in a day.

  • Donate my organs:

Donating the organs was the easiest thing. Even though easy and its just 30 second task, I have been postponing it for years. I Launched Google and typed “donate my organs in India”. Research says that one person's tissue could save 8 people's life.
My life is achieved when at-least 3 people life is saved after my death. Thank you Blog Adda and MaxLife Insurance. Because of this contest, I have completed one of my wishlist today. :)

Google Search for Organ Donation 
My Organ Donation Registeration

  • Save/Protect my Family:
From past few months, I was planning to take a life insurance policy for myself and still planning, Planning, Planning....And, No more planning here after.
I am too young to take life insurance policy
I am healthy. Why should I take I take life insurance policy
Those are the answers I was happily giving in order to avoid taking an insurance plan.
But after the incident with Yama Raja, I understood that Life is a tale and it gifts us with un-predictable incidents. I understood that it’s a wise decision to forecast all the contingencies and take necessary action for it. I will research about Max insurance and will take a term insurance policy to cover my family and secure them financially

  • Sky driving:

This is the one I am going to do for myself. I am an adventure (or Crazy!?) person and love to crave my journey with all exhilarating reminiscences. Right from my childhood I wish to fly like a bird.  Sky driving is offered in Mysore, Karnataka. Though it’s just 143 KM from my home, I postpone every weekend. I would love to go ahead and try the Static Jump sky driving and float like a bird in the air with all the icy misty cloud around me.

The day got over, when I completed sky driving. As I was waiting for Yama Raja to take my life back, I heard a sound. It was so familiar to me. It was similar to “walk in the forest Alarm tone,” It kept repeating and increasing. My hands started to scan my bed for the mobile. I hit the snooze button and again went back to sleep.

An inner voice shouted,
“Future is not guaranteed and there is no #SecondChance. 
Wake up from sleep. . . 
Wake up from laziness. . .  
Wake up from Silly Excuses. . .  
Chase your passion and complete your bucket list. . . 
 Finish all the possible tasks by today itself. . . 
There is No SecondChance"

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.


  1. Nicely separated wishes for u, family and society. The fiction thing was cool, brilliant to bring the sponsors in the list :)

  2. wow... loved it :)