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A Cute proposal on Valentine's day

A Cute proposal on Valentine's day
February 14th 
12.00 A.M
“Hi Karthick, Good morning. I am damn crazy about you. Can we meet sometime tomorrow?.” I called him anonymously.
I know for his attitude, he never considers even if someone proposes him directly. Is he going to take the blank call seriously?
“Well, thank you, But I have lots of work tomorrow and can’t meet you. Take care bye” He replied.
Beep. Beep. Beep.!!!
The call got disconnected. I am confident that, he will accept my love before the end of Valentine ’s day, because I had planned so well. The next day morning as soon as he got up, I knew he would come straight to the wash-basin to wash his face and brush his teeth. So, I had written “LUV You :) ” with close-up paste on the mirror.
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Karthick sister is my close friend and hence staying at his home was an easy task for me. As expected, Karthick ignored the writing on the mirrors concluding that one of his family members is playing pranks with him on Valentine’s day. His parents have gone out to the temple and only his sister and I were at home. I prepared a coffee with a heart art and offered him. He wished good morning, got engrossed into newspaper and started drinking the coffee without observing my coffee art.

But I had another chance, I have written “LUV You :) ” at the bottom of the cup. Plan 3 too got failed, since he left a few of the coffee drops in the cup :(
I am sure Plan 4 will succeed. He got ready to office and walked towards his bike. He observed a greeting card and a gift box placed on his bike seat. He opened the gift box and saw 2 platinum rings. A person who is playing pranks will not be spending so much. He felt something was serious and called his sister to enquire about the parcel. We both acted, as if we are unaware of it.

If Karthick gets doubt on me, I would consider myself lucky. But its human tendency to ignore the things which is near to us, and search something that don’t exist. Karthick did the same, he did not doubt me. He took out his mobile and scrutinized his call logs. I called him from a private number, how would he find the details of the call that he received at 12.00. With puzzled look, he kick started his bike and rushed to the office.

Before 6 Years.
“Hey Deeps, our seniors are looking for one person who is very good at dancing and I suggested your name since you were one among the top 10 contestants in the "Dance Machi Dance" show,” Evelyn said.
I gave her a bright close-up smile and went to my college auditorium, where they were practicing. A group of 3 guys and 2 girls were doing warm-up exercises. All of a sudden I was little nervous because all of them were my super-seniors. I snail paced towards the stage and among the three, one guy's dance style glued my eyes. I was immersed in his movements and did not realise the steps. My legs fumbled, slipped and fell on the floor. That’s is when I caught my seniors' attention and they came towards me for help.
After the help, Karthick (yeah, the guy whom I admired a lot) came straight to the point, “We have inter-College Cultural Fest in 10 days. With this leg, will you be able to dance.”
I was shocked, yet loved his attitude. On hearing my yes, he requested other to start the practice and narrated his conditions to me, “Well, we would be practicing day and night. I need your complete dedication for these ten days. Day scholar or hostel?” He did not wait for my answer. But continued, “If day’s scholar, please get a permission from our chairman to stay in the hostel for these 10 days. Past 3 years, we bag the prize for dance competitions and this year I want the same to happen”. 
I shook my head and then he played a song and requested me to choreograph and dance for it immediately. When my mind struck that he was keeping an audition for me, I told him, “I have been the top 10 in Dance Machi Dance show”
“So what? You did not win the title right? Every dance has its own style, and I want to check whether you are able to perform this dance style” 
What an attitude!!! I cleared the audition, but without my mind's knowledge my heart started developing a crush on him. He was my pair in the dance and I was pampered a lot, since I was the only junior in their gang.It was for a fusion of 5 songs and one of the song was for “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega” 

Karthick started liking after seeing my dance styles and dedication. He was in the final year and hence in 4 months, he would be completing the college. I thought of proposing on the last day but I felt I was too young to do. May be I must finish college. I told myself. After that Kartick left the city for his higher education and no contacts between us.

I willingly became friend with Karthick’s sister. Every month Karthick’s mom used to travel to Tiruvannamalai temple (which is 250 kms from Chennai) to circumnavigate. I followed her 2 months and for the 3rd visit, she invited me and thus I become one of the family members.

I know Karthick would be expecting a call from me(that anonymous call) and hence I called him once he reached office.
“Hi Karthick, it’s me again. Hope, you are ready to meet now?”
“Hmm, tell me where I should meet you”
“VGP Golden beach. Please come before the Sunset.”

5.00 P.M,
VGP Golden beach,

As soon as he reached the beach, a guys of 15 people started to perform flash mob. After 5 minutes, the song "Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega" played and I entered with the same dance slow and romantic movements which I danced with Karthick before many years in our college. The sun was about to set and the song was about to get over. I observed karthick going down with a bent knee and he took my hand and slid a ring on my finger and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Before I could recover from the shock, he continued, “I was in love with you, the moment I saw you for the first time in the college. And after that, it was all my plan. I willingly excluded one of my seniors from the dance so that I can include you in my dance group. Rest all you know.”
“So, you know that I am following you for past 6 years.” He smiled sheepishly and said, “And I enjoyed every bit of it”
“You” I took my hand to give him a punch and he pulled me closer. Romance Filled the air

This post is written as a part of Cupid Games 2015 Happy hours contest organized by Indiblogger. 


  1. No accidents in this story eh. You are never short of surprises, Author.

    -u a

    1. Only one story has accident scene

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    2. NO! 2 stories, as far as i can recollect. One in the dad-mom love story and two is mother-in-law story.

      There! i just stated a fact. I am not responsible if you get writer's block later. Sigh. God save Mr.UA.

      -c a

    3. I never had any mother-in-law in my storiessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


    Your move,

    1. I am not a doctor to known all the deadliest disease in the world to kill a character..

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