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Relocating Tips and Suggestions

Relocating Tips and Suggestions

"Hi dear. Anything urgent? Right now, I am in a meeting. Can I call you after sometime?"
“Yeah sure, call me when you are free”
I called her back that evening. “Tell me Abi. How are things?”
“Things are going usual. I have good news for you, but unfortunately that’s a very bad news for me” she replied with fuming tone.
“Is it? What’s that?”
“My husband is getting transferred to Bangalore.”
“Wow. That’s good news. And, why it’s a bad news for you. Don’t want to meet and stay with me?”  Now, I was fuming.
“Come-on yaar. I don’t know anyone other than you in Bangalore. Shifting my family completely to Bangalore is very huge task. I need to search a good play school for my son. My daughter is very much interested in Dance. Have to look a good dance class for her and need to find a house for Rent. Most important I need to find a job in Bangalore” She took a deep breath.
I could not control myself. She took another deep breath and continued, “More than all packing all the electronic items and moving to Bangalore is another hectic. Packing and again un-packing all the items is very stressful. I recently bought a Fridge; I am worried about the scratches while shifting."
“Have you not seen the latest ad in TV? You can do anything online these days."

“Sell the electronic items through Quikr, come Bangalore then buy back through Quikr.It also has Education & Learning category where you can find the suitable Dance class for you daughter and Creche for your son
“It’s not possible da. I need this to move in just 10 days. Time is very less.“
“You have a solution for it. Post a premium ad in Quikr.It makes your ad more visible and reaches more customers. The cost is cheap too"
“Since I need to relocate, I have disconnected my Internet connection at home. I can’t access emails for the next few weeks”
“Do you have mobile and do you have data pack in that?”
"Of course yes."
“Then download Quikr app in your mobile and keep trading and hunting. I had an old laptop that was giving some troublesome. I wanted to sell the laptop and buy a new one. I posted an ad, with the issues I am facing in the laptop. A Technician called me next day and purchased it immediately for a decent price.”
"Hey, I am very bad at estimating the prices for my products. I am worried that I may end up selling my items for less price"
"Chill darling. You have MSP Calculator, ie Maximum Selling Price. By using various data it calculates you the reasonable resale price"
"Wow. Amazing. and is it trust-able?"

“It’s one of the emerging and best classifieds sites for buying and selling products that I have seen recently. It gets almost 24 million visitors per month and its running successfully in more than 65 major cities. It’s has a lot of filtering options, and hence makes your search very simple. In fact, you can get instant alerts about the product sale. Recently Quikr has launched "Quikr Nxt" Messenger. With that app, you can connect with the buyers and sellers by opting your number as private. Chat History, Image sharing of products and much more options are available"
"That sounds interesting."

"I will cut the burden for you. I am in front of computer right now. Tell me your requirements for renting a house."
"I need 2BHK, fully furnished. Area you need to suggest"
"I will select Devanagundi, since its near to your husband’s office. Here it goes, you have 250 options. Will mail you the details. Have a look. Even if you had not find the suitable option, you can post a free ad about your requirement."

"Very cool. With the help of Quikr, I think I can re-locate to all the places in India with stress free." she said relaxing.

"Yes, at present Quikr offers in 8 languages English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Gujarati. Even you have a category for matrimonial. You can sell your husband in Chennai and get a new one in Bangalore"
"Stop joking. Take care dear. Waiting to see you. Love you"
"Same here. Love you too. Will send you the Premium Ad cost screen shot through Whats app. Have a look"

Quikr Premium Ads cost

Re-locating to Bangalore? Here are the top 10 reasons for me to recommend Quikr:
  1. Its the most popular online classifieds with more than 13 categories and 170 sub-categories including jobs, Car & Bikes, Mobiles, Electroincs, Real-Estates and so on.
  2. MSP Calculator - Helps to calculates reasonable resale price or the purchase price
  3. With Quikr nxt, the privacy is not affected. You can opt your mobile number to be private and still chat with the customers.
  4. Missed call facility - If you dont have an internet, by just giving missed call, they post the ad for you. 
  5. Three types of premium Ad option to choose Top Of Page, Top+Urgent and Urgent.
  6. Option to Renew the premium ad
  7. Available in many languages. 
  8. Best Re-sale price for your products and Lots of products to choose from
  9. Saved chat history for your future use.
  10. Website is user friendly. Can Share and view the photos of products easily

This post is written as a part of It's just Quikr in Bangalore! Happy Hours contest organized by Indiblogger.
Quikr -  "Sell anything Quikrrrrrrrrr"

Happy buying and selling. 

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