Thursday, April 23, 2015

50 Business ideas

Below are the 50 business ideas. Please note, if you become Ambani using the ideas below, you need to pay 25% of your profits :) 
  1. Chick Farms
  2. Ice Cream Parlor- Amul
  3. Yoga Class
  4. Start a School
  5. Franchise for Honda Showroom
  6. Kids playstation like Fun City
  7. Textile business like Reliance 
  8. Trekking clubs in your area
  9. Cricket clubs
  10. Dance School 
  11. KFC Franchise
  12. Coffee day Franchise
  13. Mobile Food court
  14. To start a TV channel
  15. Enter in Media
  16. Start Software training institute
  17. Play School/Baby Sitting
  18. Green Trends Franchise
  19. Grocery shop (Fresh vegetables and Fruits)
  20. Dosa Plaza
  21. Bus Travels - Atleast one
  22. Mobile shop - Covers, recharges, and parts
  23. Share market
  24. Personality development courses
  25. Drinking water purification (Mineral Water supply)
  26. Soap Manufacture
  27. Milk Parlor like Nandhini - Yogurt, Ghee
  28. Personalized Gift Shops
  29. Ladies PG in Bangalore (Metro cities)
  30. Terracotta Jewellery
  31. Petrol Bunk
  32. Real Estate
  33. Taxi for Hire/CAB for Rent
  34. Cement Factory
  35. Zumba Trainer
  36. Car Spare parts
  37. Organic Farming
  38. Aquarium
  39. Dog Pet shop
  40. Ear Ring Making


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  2. Not bad but some additional tips ...

    1. Chick Farm : Don't ever step into broiler chicks as these chicks are like BT vegetables affects our health a lot slowly. Try for a country chick farm and there is a unique country chick named kadaknath hens it is the only black meat chicken from our country.....

    4. Start a School :

    You can start a school but educate the children for free of cost. Education is not for sale its one's right. Yen ma naangale irukka school la government kaiku maathanum nu poaraaditu irukoam idha business line la serthu vidureengale.. Enna ma ippadi pandringale ma :P

    9. Cricket Clubs :

    I hate cricket but also sports also should not be sold as it is also a kind of education.

    11. KFC Franchise :
    Before getting the franchise just google about KFC hazardous and decide.

    23. Share Market :
    A very good platform for earning money and also have tge same chances to loose the money. It's like gambling and share i accept but don't enter into commodity because of that more prices been hiked on consumer goods. Its like stocking all the products and making scarcity then at the time of necessity they will open their stocks for sale with a high price tag.

    25. Drinking water purification :

    If you are honest at your business ethics just jump out from this. Or you can't get profit without giving bribe ..and mixing dangerous chemicals in the process of purifying the water in large format.

    32. Real Estate :

    The most hatred business. Those who don't care about farmers can take this business in hands and sell all the cultivating lands to apartments two storey four storey all Industrial bulidings etc... and make our country import all Food items from the nearby countries.

    37. Organic Farming :
    I support this heartily all who have farm lands shud turn from chemical farming to organic farming. And my humble request is please do not sell your farm lands which gives food more valuable than any in this world.

    Atlast my suggestion while starting a business is to be a first labour in your business don't expect to be a owner for a certain period.

    1. Sabba.... let me add one more tips.. Don't ever contact Shiva before you start a business :P

    2. Nalladhukku kaalame illa x-(

      And also tik loan available for first business man in a family and in that there is 25% subsidiary. If you got 1 lakh you have to return only 75k and 25k is yours ;)

  3. It was nice but every business needs huge investment. :)

    1. few business needs only lil investment.. for example.. Ice cream parlour needs investment of just 3 lak...Apart from this one needs to have lot of persistence to win