Friday, April 3, 2015

One Rupee could educate a child

One Rupee could educate a child...

When I see kids begging on roads, my heart always pick up fight with brain. My heart desire to donate money to the kids. But my brain would point out that I am encouraging them. Kids at those age are to be sent to school. But unfortunately In India, every day we see at least one kids employed in a hotel/house or begging on road. 
While surfing the net, I came across do right today. Its an initiative by Tata Capital with a drive to spread the spirit of doing right. 

The below data from the "Tata Capital India4India" survey, which was launched to identify the top 5 challenges that our country is facing today also revealed that Illiteracy is the major concern of India.  
Illiteracy  - the major concern of India.

Data from Tata Capital India4India Survey

Varanasi all we know about the place is its the religious hub of India. But, it has been identified that a lot of children were engaging in different trades and aimlessly wasting their time. To help these children and to gift them with an ideal learning environment, Ajeet Singh started an innovative initiative called ‘Varanasi boat school!’.

Well, how can we contribute towards it? You can donate money online. Let’s bring a smile on someone's face by contributing at least a small amount.

The children’s are the inspiration of our nation and let’s make an enchanting Magical transformation in their life by contributing towards the boat school. Let’s pledge our self to contribute for their learning environment. You don’t have to spend something from your pocket. One Rupee of yours could change your life.

From next time, before you do the below, just think of the kids once.
  1. When you offer those tips to server at a Restaurant.
  2. When you feel embarrassed to ask those balance of 1 Rupee from the conductor.
  3. When the shop-keeper offers you a "chocolate" instead of giving the remaining balance.
  4. Have you not lost that one-rupee in that coin operated weighing machine?
  5. Paying double the price for movie ticket. 
There are numerous incidents, where we ignored the money as it was not much important for us. But those small money would make a miracle in a child's education and would make a child's future. 

Still not convinced for donating the money!? well, still you can contribute towards the welfare of this kids by spreading the message and news about "Boat School" across social networks with the hash-tag #ScholarShip. Lets begin the Journey of Doing Right....

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  1. Mummy will always return no one can stop.( not for tamilnadu Mummy) ;) No hidden politics in my comment :P

    But seriously there is hidden politics in each and every social impacts including this illiteracy ...