Friday, April 3, 2015

That Special Day

That Special day

I was running on the treadmill when I heard a loud crash of the window shattering. It was the second time this is happening within a month - the cricket ball broke the balcony window into hundreds of pieces. It must be the 'cricket playing brats' out there. This time, I am not going to spare those idiots. I got down from the tread mill and went to the cricket ground with my tracksuit.

"Your nuisance to others is getting intolerable of late. I am going to complain to the colony secretary." I screeched.

Who asked you to construct a house opposite to a cricket ground?,” a guy in that group murmured. I couldn't identify who.

"Was this an Airport or Army training center to make sure no houses are constructed around its yard? Just a cricket ground!."  My anger crossed all limits and I stressed more on “cricket ground" as an attempt to belittle it.

“If your dad built the window with low cost glass it would crash even for a mild breeze. Go, ask your dad to build glass windows with strong Saint-Gobain glass” another guy besmirched with a smirk. I attempted to erupt again, but i was interrupted.

"Hey guys, Please. . .The mistake is on our side" The hero of the match  my life came forward and continued, "Sorry Deepika, I hit the ball. It was my mistake. Will pay the damage cost."

I didn't expect this, at least at this situation, so I was dumb-struck . How could I reply further? He was the guy I am admiring from the past 5 years. He is more than a crush for me now! . To hide any sign of expressing anything in front of him,  I just returned the ball with a formal warning and turned back.

I could hear the guys as I was making a move. "Adi, why did you lie to her that you hit the ball?" Someone was asking him.

“It was for a purpose. Since, I said I hit the ball; she didn't make an issue of it. If I had told the truth, she must have complained to secretary, and we would be in trouble, boys.”

Adithya house was next to my house on the left and he was not entirely unaware about the crush i had for him. But until now, it is only at a reciprocation of formalities with exchange of smiles and hi-byes. Nothing more than that. I think he wanted me to proceed further, but I wanted him. A narrow bridge between the hearts, but nevertheless, a blocking bridge.

The next day, I was on the way to office. I observed Adithya's friends boisterously jumping out of our neighbor's wall with hiss and hustle. The house owner's family settled in abroad and it remained unoccupied since 3 years without being rented out. The front yard of house was unkempt with full of  thorny bushes and shrubs. People started throwing wastes inside the compound and in the yesterday's torrential rain, water has formed a sizeable pool.

“What are these guys doing there inside the unoccupied house? These incorrigible brats must have hit the ball inside the compound” my prejudiced brain made a guess.

“It is a Black snake! I am sure" shouted one.

“It must be the King cobra,” other guy refuted him.

“No da, its Anaconda” other guy thundered.

“It must be no less than 40 feet long”

“Looks like It can swallow even a human” another brilliant boy yelled.

"Guys. It’s a just a normal rat snake” another guy in their group tried to stop their wild interpretations.

Gosh. I wondered at their imagination on seeing a normal non-venomous snake. And then suddenly,  I felt some pleasantly shocking electric effect through every vein of mine and yes, (you guessed it right.) My eyes caught Adithya hopping out of the compound.

I could sense the fear in Adithya eyes, but on spotting me he said, "I could easily catch and kill it with my hand. But, I care for annnnnmimals. . .. .“ He must have heard some dry leaves slithering beneath his feet and without losing any moment he took a run. I didn't hear anything about the snake after that.

Evening I was returning back from office.While crossing that unoccupied house, I heard a long, high-pitched whining; I peeped inside the unoccupied house gate and observed a puppy got struck somewhere in all the messy vegetation of the front yard. The puppy must be 5 day old!  It must have entered the compound through a small gap in the gate. It got it's limbs entangled in the roots under the water and if left unattended,  it may not last a day because of starving. Who knows, if more water accumulates, it may even... oh God. My heart wanted to save that puppy. But there were mosquitos, flies and insects flitting around that stagnant water. The years of accumulated vegetable wastes caused an intolerable stench and was giving me a vomiting sensation even if I inch close to the gate. Only in the morning the boys spotted a snake in that. One boy even said it is an anaconda!

Follow your heart
Whom Should I Listen !? Rational Brain or to the wisdom of my heart.
scratches around my body....
On remembering all these, I stepped back from trying to help that puppy. But my heart was not willing to leave that puppy to it's dreadful fate. Following your heart may be good for theory and in writing a post, but in reality!? The tired puppy is now giving up and it's neck got immersed into water further. I realized that I don’t have time to listen to my brain or even call out my friend. The compound wall was tall hence I need some support to jump into the front yard of the house. I rushed home, threw my bag somewhere, dragged a chair with me and using it, I hopped into the house. I had to cross at least a 100 meters of harmful bushes to reach for the puppy. The thorns were hurting and i could sense some mild bleeding somewhere too. Unmindful of the same, I stepped into the pud, while all the mosquitos started to buzz around me.  I reached for the puppy and I lifted it and started running back to the compound.

That Small puppy :) 
Sheesh. Never imagined I would be such a dumb-ass. The wall was out of my reach from the inside; I never gave a thought about getting back when climbing in. I left my mobile at my home, and hence could not call my parents even. Since the wall was tall, I could not see any people walking on the road. My parents will be back at home around 8 pm and it will be too long a wait in this dreaded place till that. The innumerable insects screeching and the mosquitos buzzing made me nervous and I started to sweat. As if my life is dependent on it, I cried out for help. But I think none could hear my voice. Tears rolled down my cheek. In all this tense moment, the puppy suddenly licked my hands. Glad that I could smile! There was a sense of contentedness in saving a life.

"Give" I heard someone shout with impatience, in my direction. Wait, I know that voice! It was him, Adhithya!

I got relaxed on seeing Adithya and offered my hand.

"Give the puppy first" he said and safely placed the puppy on road and offered his hand. He almost lifted me to the other side.

He was giving lecture for my blunder, but altogether I was enjoying the chemical reactions happening inside forgetting the physical damages that happened on the outside. The touch of his hands is adding frenzy to the chemistry.

“Go and apply medicine for the scratches.” He blurted again, which made me recollect my senses. 

I went home and the puppy started to follow me. Since it was looking dirty, I washed it while I cleaned myself. I took a hot shower and later when preparing tea for myself, I offered milk to that puppy. That’s it, from then on, it got attached to me. I had a nice time pass playing with that.

Cute Puppy
My Puppy 
Around 8 PM, My parents returned from work and scolded me for bring a puppy out of nowhere. I was ordered to leave that puppy somewhere far away from home. I took my scooty to drop the puppy, while thinking where to leave it.

Next day morning,

The puppy was sleeping in front of my house gate. This time, I don't have the heart to part with the puppy again. I decided to adopt it, whatever may come. My parents gave up convincing me and they finally agreed.

The puppy is now 6 months old and is my best buddy. He accompanies me always. Every day morning, he licks my face to wake me up. I grew to like this.

Cute Puppy
My Puppy Now 6 Months old :) 

My Best Buddy..

About Adithya?,

It has been six months now, and every morning he starts the conversation with, "How is your hand now? And what did the puppy do today!?" and our conversation never ends :P


  1. //I was enjoying the chemical reactions happening inside forgetting the physical damages that happened on the outside//

    That was a LOL!

    Nice post Deepika. I've had that experience too. Leaving a puppy behind when it follows you wagging the tail is difficult. Glad you chose to have him with you.

    1. Thank you Nandhini for your comments :) Yeah, we are not brave heart to leave such cute animals :)

  2. Hats off to the kind gesture of yours. I have done such acts many times. So I can relate to the incident! :-)

  3. It was one of the best posts I have read in recent times. Enjoyed a lot..

  4. Such an encouraging, lovely comment.. Thanks a lot :)