Sunday, April 26, 2015

What Makes a person happy?

Happiness is an important aspect in life to keep us energetic and young. Happiness differs from person to person and staying happy purely depends on an individual. 

Below are the 30 things that would make me to celebrate every moment and lead a happy life

1. A vacation with my little sister’s son. 
2. Grabbing TV remote from my brother to watch my favourite song.
3. A text from my close friend when I was missing her.
4. A “HI” or “Hello” from my crush. An additional smile from him would make me double happy. :P 
5. When my crush and I, wear same color dress. 
6. When People say “I look good” when I wear a new dress. 
7. When a wrong recharge is done to my mobile by some MR.X.
8. When I make a small kid happy and smile 
9. When I drive my Scooty with my friends
10. When I drive my car in highways during a heavy rain
11. An appreciation from my client
12. When I get up and go to jogging without snoozing the hit button of the alarm
13. When I have a cute haircut.
14. When I make my parents happy and proud
15. When my puppy licks at my face. 
16. When I restrict eating Chicken Briyani and non-veg. 
17. When I read a book without anyone’s disturbance
18. When I get a comment on my blog for my writing.
19. When my dad offers me a huge amount as a pocket money. 
20. When my movie ticket of my favorite's hero, first show gets confirmed. 
21. When I am extremely punctual and reach on time for a place. 
22. When the stranger whom I meet on a day is good and becomes my best friend. 
23. When the teddy bear I am planning to buy from long time comes as a gift from my friends. 
24. When the software code I develop runs without any bug 
25. When the work I do ends with hundred percent perfection.
26. When I get a window seat in the bus. 
27. When I return home dog tired from office and the dinner was prepared and ready by my room mate. 
28. When my friends says, “Display picture is super" when I change my picture in what’s app
29. When I woke up late and was knew that I am going to miss the cab. Suddenly my mobile flash and get a text message from my transport team, “Dear Deepika, Cab will be late by 15 minutes as it got a puncture”
30. Finally, When I win some competition that is organized by BlogADDA : )

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