Sunday, April 26, 2015

#CrashThePepsiIPL videos

Click here to watch the creative ads that are submitted by our talented people. Below are the Ads that caught my attention and my views. 

Desire by Arun Chikkop

This ad takes place at a yoga center. The girls (Indeed Pretty girls) were doing meditation and gets distracted on hearing a gulp sound of a Pepsi. Followed by that, they hear a sound of cap falling down. They open their eyes finally on hearing a burp sound. They realize that the Yoga master was the culprit (I mean, who drank the Pepsi).
Till this point, everything was fine and admirable. As soon as they realize there are lots of Pepsi cans with the master, all the girls starts to chase him.

God, please tell me when this ad makers will stop making again and again with the same freaking concept.

Thirst of the Nation by Abhishek Kumar

No more over acting actress is needed. The making of this ad must have not taken more than 5 minutes. Concept is extremely simply. The list of IPL teams were placed on the table, and the Pepsi was rolled over the team names. The second half, they reverse the paper that contains India Map and they say, “The entire nation is thriving for Pepsi.”

"The Big Fat Menu" by Gaurav Mane

A group of trekkers enters a hotel and the waiter starts listing the items that are in his hotel. The people lose focus(of course, everyone will) and concentrates on IPL match and orders Pepsi.

Every day we must have faced this situation that comes in the ad. We must have been dog tired and enter a hotel just to grab something to eat. But the waiter, without knowing our hunger will try to prove his speaking skills or his memory by listing out all the items in the hotel with a rapid speed, so that none could understand. Till now, No one understand what he speaks too. Sometimes, I wondered how helpful it would be, if they display a subtitle for him. I was so happy, when their reply was, "PEPSI"

Jhingalala by Yogesh Negi

Must say, this ad made me to laugh for a while. A trekker enters a forest and he has been caught by the forest people. One could easily conclude the ad. They are going to leave him as soon as they see the Pepsi bottle. Of course, same happens but with little interesting and wow factor. I liked the the costume of one guy with a crown in his head. Guess, he must be the gang leader. At the end, the trekker took a run.

But It’s a making for a Pepsi ad. How could the guy leave the Pepsi? I thought, as soon as the tribes takes the Pepsi bottle, this trekker would have got some magical power(Yeah, super power that our hero's get as soon as the villan tease his lover). Fights with the tribes to protect the Pepsi. How could he leave a Pepsi and run away?

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  1. These ad makers for pepsi must think of suriyur village before advertising for this soft drink devil called Pepsi ....

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