Friday, April 10, 2015

Zemblanity to Serendipity

When Dishikta entered the new phase of life with the hopes of realization of all her dreams of marital bliss one by one, fate caught her by surprise. The surprise, which was a disappointment initially, turned gruesome when she realized the man she married is not the man that he poses to be.

Deep down he is only an unsociable, ruthless, barbaric animal, practicing the exact opposite of the feminism he is preaching. Dishikta tolerated everything with hope but couldn't when her body too started to suffer. The numb mind, which was caught up with the everyday misery, couldn't take it anymore. Friends and relatives turned against her by cruel husband who tells imaginary stories. The guys loots all her money. Well, That’s no big deal. But he plunders all her confidence, innocence, happiness. He cleverly files a case against her to protect him form law. Husband bribes the lawyers with the money he looted from her and whitewashes all the truth again.

After a while Dishikta through hard work raises up, fights each accusation tooth and nail. Judge still delivers a partial justice, Dishikta smiles. Only she knows it was her exhaustion of tears and sadness that she is smiling.

She says, "but that’s alright. This is just a significant part of my life. I have experienced the unexpected and this doesn't surprise me anymore." She knows that she is only temporarily wounded. For she knows she will get up, collect herself, and continue the war- till the war or her life- whichever is weak will give up first.

Sometimes, Life does not seem to work out as expected. "A break-up, financial loss, major accident, broken marriage or a wrong relationship, letdown in professional life” - it could be anything that has a negative impact in our life. One question that would definitely pop up in our mind would be "why me,?"
Well, it’s not only with US. It’s with everyone. Remember you are not alone. Look around the people, they have hundreds of reasons to worry about, still they live their life cheerfully. We can’t avoid those incidents, but we can prepare our self to adapt to those circumstances with an optimistic energy.  Learn from those mistakes and incidents. Let’s convert all our struggles, pains and experience into something positive that would help us in long run.
Come on, You are a cherubic!!!. You have lot of worthy things to explore in life.

Wake up! Rise!!
Make your life more interesting and cheerful with positive things. !!
Let Devil and Negativity envy you!!!

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