Monday, April 13, 2015

Five Artists I wil not hire for my Ad

Five Artists I will not hire for my Ad

1. T. Rajendran:
Find at least one similarity 
T. Rajendar(T.R.) - Since there is no difference between a Bear and T.R, I would end up in trouble. The animal welfare charity like Blue Cross will conclude that I shot an ad with animal and would penalize me for harming an animal. It would be a big head-ache for me to make them understand that he is not a polar bear, but a normal(!?) human being resembling like Polar Bear. Above all, I may need to put a disclaimer stating “No Animals Were Harmed” before the opening of the ad, which would altogether confuse people.

2. Captain Vijayakanth:
I am really afraid of his pronunciation. Well, if you are not aware of his articulation please do watch the below video.

Once upon a time, his son was playing some games in his IPad. Out of curiosity, Vijayakanth questioned his son, "I observe all my assistance is playing Candy Crush Saga and Temple run. When asked about it they said ask Gokul. Today morning also, I asked my Director about the success of my latest movie release. He asked me to check with Gokul. My son is Gokul that brilliant?
His son replies, "Daddy, it’s not Gokul. It’s Google"

Another example, He was so excited about his latest movie success and he calls his co-worker and says, "I will give you treat in Babu Ganesh Restaurant"
People were so confused, and searched in Google for the address. Unfortunately, no such place exists. Finally they requested him to message the address in what’s app and he messaged the address. Bloody hell. It was Barbeque Nation!!! 

For above reasons, I always had an aversion in booking him for my ad’s
But still producers convinced me stating that, they can have a dubbing artist for his voice. I agreed half-heartedly and went to his house to explain about the concept. We had plans to shoot for Dish TV ad and on hearing the brand name, he questioned, "Oh Dish? Is it for Side-Dish? Or main-dish? I need Nov-veg Dish"
I hope after this incident, none will be dared to book him.

3. Actor Surya
Cant offer him high heels shoe or stool :( 
Since he is short, finding a suitable female artist would be frantic task. Well, all my ads will be low-budget and hence I can’t offer him high heels shoe or some stool for him to stand on it and match the height of the female artist.

4. Actor Vijay: 

We all know his famous punch dialogue from the movie "Pokkiri". 
"en peche…. nane kekkamattan" (Meaning : I will not listen to myself)
If I book him for a product and spend lakhs in creating the ad, and then release it to the market, People will say, "This guy Vijay will not listen to himself first, then why we should listen to him?
Well, the ads and the product would be a big flop then.

5. Power star Srinivasan
Handsome Power Star
Well, we all know Power Star is a busy bee and a leading actor in TamilNadu with minimum 11 movies released in a year. How could I book him for my ad? Either I would not be getting his dates or since he is so popular and number one hero giving tough competition for RajiniKanth he may charge 8-10 Crore for an ad.  

P.S If you are not aware of him, Please Gokul it, Sorry Google it. Chances of server getting hanged or crashed are high


  1. Enna tha irundhaalum neenga enga sanga thalaivara avamana paduthirukka koodadhu... feel sad :P

  2. Ayyyyaaaaeeee..... Adhu enna Captain Sir adha oattu oaaatunu oattitingalae andha drunken master ah aparam enna Sir moru nu.... Ivaru oru ponnu mela vacha kaadhalukkaga than usuraiye koduthavaru... Avara poi asingappaduthitingalee ;'(

  3. Paatha paavama vera irukku sari will give you a pakka clue he is on the top in this post and he is our ancestor ... Let me wait n see whether yoy can correctly guess him or not. But only one chance ...

  4. Karadi kutty ku pakathula irukke king kong adha karadi kutti kooda compare panni adha avamana paduthitingale... :P Karadi kutti eppa ponnukkaga usura vittadhu ... Adhu pesi pesi niraya usura thana eduthirukku...

    1. rite u.... its mistake only !!! i should have not insulted karadi kutty...pappam :P

      when i posted this blog, i thought Vijay/surya fans would trash me! :P was concerned more about Power Star fans....But never thought karadi kutties fans... :P

    2. Ada na karadi kuttikaaga pesala adhuku pakkam irukke king kong adhukkaga than feeling :'( Naanga King Kong fans....

    3. Ada.. I too meant the same.. why i will say TR as Kutty :'(

    4. Ayyo ai yo adhu karadi illa korangu korangu .. :P