Sunday, April 26, 2015

From Where I see by Dr. Ajay Yadav ~ Book Review

From Where I see by Dr. Ajay Yadav ~ Book Review 

When I observed the cover page of the book, “From Where I see” I was not impressed by the picture. As I went through the description of the book, again my prejudice was it must be something a story about a girl who suffers from a new disease that does not exist in any universe and is exclusively created for completing the novel. But I was absolutely wrong. This book has romance, suspense, childhood friendship, and above all many valuable lessons for life.
Dear Friends and readers, this book must be read at least once in our life. As the author says, it’s not a book. It’s a path to a revolution. This book will definitely attack all the youth, who keep asking scientific reason for each and everything they do. I will not say, this book will reveal all the scientific facts about an incident, but you will get a chance to explore the other side of an incident.

The story starts with a police investigation with the Protagonist. The first 2 pages of the novel makes us little annoyed, but as you get through the novel, you will love most of the pages and arguments.

I bet, you will start a discussion with your friends about the points or opinion that the author has mentioned throughout the novel. Of course, if you are a narrow-minded person, who will not be able to accept and take up the facts that the author provided. But, if you are an open-minded person, you will enjoy reading the book.

There are many rational sentences then and there. For example, “The police could even make a dead speak.” “Every thief when caught claims that it’s his first time” “He must be a painter and definitely not an artist. An artist cannot have such myopic view” 

To be frank, I am little stubborn in my thoughts and views. But after reading the above line, my attitude changed. I decided to listen patiently to other views. Every coin has two side. If I choose head, it does not mean that, tail does not exist. A great attitude is listening to others valuable points too.

A good book is one that should disturb your sleep, make you to think, bring a change in your attitude, should change the way you think and should make you to take and discuss about the book with your friends.

No wonder, this book made me to discuss with my parents. When my parents were discussing about an issue, I said, "Mom, as per this book, the author says..." and explained the point. That’s the hit of the book

After reading this book, definitely your mind-set will be traveled to a new utopian world. Friends, we learn good things from our experience, from our friends and from other’s life. I am sure, you can explore a lot from this book. “From Where I see” is not to be read once. It’s to be read every week. If possible, take out a print out of those good points and keep at your desk and look once. Its a seed that will make us to think rational and logical thinker

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  1. Goodddddddd..... Expecting more posts like this. I like this ;)

    1. thanks :)..
      must read book.. dont miss to read it :)

    2. Yeah sure ordered a book named Touch of Mist will read it fully and then will start this. One friend said that she will send the book but order panninadhum varala andha friend um anupala :P

  2. Dear Deepika
    Thanks a lot for an excellent review of my book "from where i see". I am glad that purpose of my book- to see from both sides before concluding- is getting appreciated by logical thinkers like you. I would be thankful if you can post the same review on goodreads (and if possible on too)
    Dr. Ajay yadav

  3. Dear Deepika
    A request to post the same review of my book "from where I see" on goodreads
    Dr Ajay yadav

    1. Dear Sir... sorry for the late reply.. I have posted my review on good reads..My hearty congo for the book and I loved read the book.. Waiting for the next novel.. and do let me know, when you release your next novel..all the best

  4. dear Deepika
    Thanks for putting the review on goodreads. Today I ordered your book touch of mist from amazon. I will go through it and post my review once done with.
    Dr. Ajay yadav